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Cooperation of the Russian Federation with foreign states’, Presidential Decree no. 907, 20 Aug. 1997, reproduced in appendix 3 in this volume as document 26. 7 ‘On the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Promexport’, Presidential Decree no. 908, 20 Aug. 1997, reproduced in appendix 3 in this volume as document 27.Belvneshpromservice is a state-owned foreign trade unitary enterprise established in order to promote Belarusian products of the defense economy sector to the.According to Article 113 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and Article 2 of Federal Law No. 161-FZ of 14 November 2002 On State or Municipal Unitary Enterprises, a unitary enterprise is a for-profit institution not vested with the right of ownership in the property assigned to it by the owner of property.BELAGRO / BELFARM June 5 - 9, 2018 Minsk, Belarus The Market Due to the steady growth and progress in the agricultural sector Belarus reached in the last decade a high level in the agricultural and food processing industry. The agricultural machinery manuf-acturing showed also a favourable progress. Government aids, a Cosmo trade & service co ltd. Azerbaijan took delivery of the new batch of Polonez precision surface-to-surface missile systems from Belarus.On 27 September, Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defence (Mo D) has announced that In accordance with the intergovernmental agreement between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Belarus, the new batch of 301-mm Polonez precision surface-to-surface missile systems was delivered to Azerbaijan.Azerbaijan has received the first batch of Polonez systems this summer.The Polonez is a multiple-launch rocket system (MLRS) that is armed with eight ready-to-launch 301-mm missiles in two containerised pods or two 750-mm guided missiles.

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On the first state visit to Mongolia since the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations in 1992. with the Belarusian state-owned foreign trade unitary enterprise “Belspetsvneshtechnika” and with “BelavtovMAZ.A side view of the Polonez multiple launch rocket system MLRS. Image courtesy of State Military Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus. Polonez is a new Belarusian multiple launch rocket system MLRS developed by state-owned Foreign Trade Unitary Enterprise SFTUE BelSpetsVneshTechnika BSVT.The Bureau of Industry and Security BIS amends the Export Administration Regulations EAR by adding twenty-three entities to the Entity List. The twenty-three entities who are added to the Entity List have been determined by the U. S. Government to be acting contrary to the national security or. زينة للدفاتر المدرسية من الداخل سهلة وبسيطة. Government-owned entities designed to participate in the commercial sector have different names with slightly different legal standings depending on the country in which they are located. For example, what is called a state-owned enterprise is known as a unitary enterprise in Russia or a crown corporation in Canada.Many translated example sentences containing "state unitary enterprise" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations. Look up in Linguee. by Presidential Edict of the Republic of Tatarstan in 1993 and is the oldest enterprise which is in the business of foreign trade and investments, lising and international.Я Международная выставка вооружения и военной техники milex-2019. milex-2019. 15-18 мая, 2019 МКСК МИНСК-АРЕНА Минск, пр-т.

These are the Bulgarian state-owned aircraft repair plant Avionams, TEREM, as well as the Ukrainian aerospace company Motor Sich and the Belarusian state-owned Foreign Trade Unitary Enterprise Belspetsvneshtechnika, learned Bulgarian The tender for the repair of two Mi-17 and four Mi-24V helicopters has been launched at the end of July by the the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence and the deadline for the offers was due to September.The value of the procurement is 31 million levs (.5 million). ما هو الرابط بين نظم معلومات و حلول تجارية. It particularly refers to the signing of two separate framework agreements for every of the two types of helicopters.The winner will be expected to complete the general overhaul in the period of forty-eight months.Avionams has submitted documents only for the repair of the two Mi-17 aircraft, while the other three participants’ documents have been for the overhaul of the both helicopters.The Bulgarian Army continues to rely on its aging Russian helicopters.


Rehearsing for the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2019 in Butterworth yesterday. its state military industrial committee and state-owned foreign trade unitary enterprise Belspetsvneshtechnika.Republican Unitary Air Navigation Services Enterprise BELAERONAVIGATSIA; Belarusian Railway; State-owned Foreign Trade Unitary Enterprise.These are the Bulgarian state-owned aircraft repair plant Avionams. Foreign Trade Unitary Enterprise Belspetsvneshtechnika, learned. التجارة في اوكرانيا. Compared to their NATO member states colleagues, the Bulgarian military pilots are to much more endangered by incidents, due to the lack of good equipment.Read more: Only “558 ARP” Has Submitted Documents for the Bulgarian Su-25 Overhaul Read more: Debts of Avionams at about BGN 15 Million Are on Sale Follow us everywhere and at any time.Bulgarian has responsive design and you can open the page from any computer, mobile devices or web browsers.

For more up-to-date news from us, follow our Reddit, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and Google pages.Do not miss the chance to subscribe to our newsletter.Uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. [[By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. OJSC AGAT Control Systems Managing Company of Geoinformation Control Systems Holding is one of the leaders in Belarus in the field of automated control systems for various applications, hardware-software packages, communication and data transmission equipment, computing equipment, and instrumentation.Here you will find information about activities of the company, its products and services.


As part of the New Year action “Our Children” carried out in the Republic of Belarus, on December 27, 2019, the members of SFTUE “Belspetsvneshtechnika” primary trade-union organization visited a branch of the social orphanage of the state educational institution “Pukhovichi Dist ...More than 500 companies from 45 countries of the world demonstrated the mock-ups of military equipment, samples of armaments, and systems of communication and navigation at Thai Exhibition “Defense & Security 2019”, that was opened on Monday. SFTUE “Belspetsvneshtechnika” will take part in the 9th International defence industry exhibition-conference “Defense & Security 2019” which will take place in Bangkok, Thailand within November 18-21, 2019. On October 30, 2019, the Chairman of the State Authority for Military Industry of the Republic of Belarus Roman Golovchenko met with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to the Russian Federation, with concurrent accreditation to ...On October 7-9, 2019 Minsk hosted the 2nd Session of the Joint Belarus Bangladesh Commission on Military-Technical Cooperation, which was attended by the members of Belarusian and Bangladesh Parties of the Commission, representatives of the ministries, departments, companies of t ... Aleksander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus, carried out a meeting and heard out a report of Roman Golovchenko, the Chairman of the State Authority for Military Industry of the Republic of Belarus on September 23. The Belarusian Special Operations Forces conducted exercises at the Borisovsky combined-arms training range and the Brestsky training range.The military practised covert movement of reconnaissance groups using data received from the Alliance automated command and control system, ...State-owned Foreign Trade Unitary Enterprise Belspetsvneshtechnika is the leading enterprise on the territory of the former Soviet Union specialising in export of high-tech products and knowledge-intensive military technologies.

The company started its activity since 1995 as a trade enterprise.It mainly focused on formation and expansion of military equipment and armament markets.Over a twenty-year period of its activity, the company managed to establish stable foreign trade relations in more than 30 countries. Today, the company has significantly expanded its capabilities through the introduction of advanced technologies and the development of its own production: from the creation of up-to-date small-arms systems and optronic devices to modern informational support and command and control systems.The successful application of innovative solutions and the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies while creating military products allows the company to dominate on specialised military equipment and armament market, as well as to compete on equal footing with foreign counterparts and even outperform them in terms of quality – reliability – cost ratio.The ample opportunities, stability and reliability of relations with customers are determined by the status of a state enterprise and the high level of professional training of specialists.

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The prime minister of the Republic of Belarus, Mikhail Myasnikovich, led a large delegation September 3–5, on the first state visit to Mongolia since the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations in 1992.The Mongolian government treated the visit as high level, and media coverage was extensive and prominent.The first day of the visit consisted of bilateral talks between the two governments, including meetings with Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj and Prime Minister Norovyn Altankhuyag. Both sides signed an intergovernmental agreement to waive visa requirements for stays up to 90 days (Mongolia now has such agreements with 16 countries) (, September 5) and to cooperate in education, military, customs and technical sectors (, September 4).The atmospherics of this visit sharply contrasted with the visit of Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov to Mongolia on August 29–31.Morgulov’s meetings with Mongolian Deputy Prime Minister Dendev Terbishdagva and Foreign Minister Lu Bold, were rather downbeat—with both sides emphasizing the need to boost their sluggish economic cooperation (The Mongol Messenger, September 6).

Belspetsvnesh technika state owned foreign trade unitary enterprise

During his meeting with Myasnikovich, President Elbegdorj underlined that the visit opened a new chapter in the history of Belarusian-Mongolian bilateral relations.Myasnikovich indicated his delegation would discuss projects on collaborating in assembling heavy mining machines such as Belaz (for the copper project in Erdenet) in Mongolia, establishing repair factories, and cooperating in the financial sector.Noting that many Mongolians were educated in Belarus before the 1990s, the president underlined the importance of resuming cooperation in training professionals and other efforts to improve Mongolia’s economic competitiveness. Forex pips signal. The two discussed the problems of landlocked countries and transit transportation (The Mongol Messenger, September 6).Prime Minister Altankhuyag welcomed his Belarusian counterpart on the capital’s main square with an honor guard and the playing of national anthems in front of many Mongolian Cabinet officials.During the first day’s discussions, the two heads of government agreed to establish joint ventures in mining, agriculture and food processing, to widen ties among Mongolian and Belarusian universities, and to expand trade in mining and agricultural products such as wool and cashmere.