Role of international_politics_in_inciting_sectarian_strife.

Sataa Al-Husari Abu Khaldoun Day of Maysaloun a Page in ArabModern. al-Nuzzar fi Gharaeb al-Amsar wa Ajaayeb al-Asfar" the showpiece. their sect with brutalopportunism and trade in their peoples pains to.CNNHere's some background information about the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal which took place during the Iraq war. Facts Abu Ghraib prison was a US Army detention center for captured.Iran, by the seamen and traders and by the old famous road, the “Silk Road” from. said to us “One of the seaman has narrated to Abu Mohammed Hassan Ibn Amr”. Ajayeb Nameh Ajayeb Al Makhlughat Va Gharaeb Al Mojudat.Buy Magic Cards Online – Find MTG Singles, Boosters, Sleeves, Decks, and Boxes. All Editions of Magic the Gathering Cards. Crypto trading. W 16X0: Parana Kps IK ponagai esc 250; Spain res 225; Sweden Str l OXft Switzerland S fts 3X0; Tunisia Din 1.50: USA 53X0.No 64,251 Ashdown case man is bailed By Stewart Tendler CRIME CORRESPONDENT THE raan.accused of break- ing into the London offices ot Paddy Ashdown's solicitor and stealing an aide memoir on the liberal Democrat leader's affair with his secre- tary was freed on bad by City of London magistrates yes- terday after being held overnight. a painter from Hove, East Sussex, was charged with burglary and handling stolen documents.His Spanish- born former wife, Maria Watson, aged 41.Unemp- loyed and from Brighton, was charged with handling stolen documents.


One charge against Mr Berkowitz alleges that, be- tween January 10 and Febru- ary 6, he burgled the premises of City solicitors Bates.Wells and Braithwaite and stole E248 in cash, and the documentation. accused of stealing a document relating to Paddy Ashdown's affair, is driven from court after being freed on bail Ford cuts 2,100 jobs as motor By Kevin Eason, motoring correspondent FORD, once Britain’s most profitable car busi- ness, announced 2, 100 re- dundancies at its biggest plants yesterday as gloom deepened over the future of the motor industry. Mercedes and Porsche are also looking for staff cuts.He is charged with handling stolen goods between the same Continued on page 14. Vauxhall is to cut a further 300 jobs by September and Rover is offering all workers over 55 a generous retire- ment package in an effort to trim its workforce. ' Both Labour and Conser- The Times The audited circulation of The Times rose by 6,631 to 391,593 in January, an increase of 1.72 per cent. Cfd definition. One of our best sellers in Abu Dhabi! With a private beach and CHI spa, Qaryat Al Beri offers luxurious accommodations just a 10-minute drive from Abu Dhabi.Abu Ghraib prison Arabic سجن أبو غريب ‎, Sijn Abū Ghurayb was a prison complex in Abu Ghraib, Iraq, located 32 kilometers 20 mi west of Baghdad. Abu Ghraib prison was opened in the 1950s and served as a maximum-security prison with torture, weekly executions, and vile living conditions.A Syrian detainee formerly imprisoned at Abu Ghraib on Tuesday told a military court that US soldiers at the notorious Baghdad prison repeatedly beat prisoners, forced them to eat from toilets and.

Produced specifical- ly for readers on continen- tal Europe, it will contain all that is presently in The Times but with a special emphasis on European issues. vative MPs are now urging the government to intervene to protect Britain’s biggest manufacturing and retailing business.Sales worth' more than E5.5 billion have been lost in the past two years, with one in ten dealerships closing and the industry forecasting 40.000 jobs would be lost in the year to June.Ian Mc Allister, chairman of Ford of Britain, insisted yesterday that the sweeping job cuts he-was announcing were a result not of the reces- sion, but of the need - to streamline operations to com- pete with the Japanese. complained foal the industry had been damaged both by the recession and by tax increases in successive budgets. White star real estate broker. Tory MPs are now increas- ing the pressure on the Chan- cellor to abolish the special 10 per cent tax on cars, which the Society of Motor Manu- facturers and Traders esti- mates could lead to 175,000 more new car sales this year.Jack Adams, deputy gener- al secretary of the Transport and General Workers’ Union, said: “We have seen 700,000 sales wiped off the UR market in the last two years and the only Government response has been to add an extra £1 .5 billion tax burden on the in- dustry in the last Budget” Doug Henderson, Lab- ours -trade and industry spokesman, said the bonus of 3.000 jobs created by Nissan at its £850 million plant at Washington.Tyne and Wear, would be wiped out by the Ford announcement He ad- ded: “If jobs losses continue at this rate, the industry warning of 40,000.Losses by mid- 1992 will have to be re- vised sharply upwards.” However, Ford says that the pressures to streamline are long-term, forced by the introduction of competition from Japanese factories ; based in Britain and operai- ingout of greenfield sites with i young workforces and new equipment • Mr Mc Allister said the job cuts were a response to the “significant challenges” • of the rest of foe decade as new Japanes e factories in Briiain resulted in too much produc- tion capacity in Europe.

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Bewertungen, Hotelbilder & TOP Angebote Traders Hotel Qaryat Al Beri Abu Dhabi ✓100€ Gutschein ✓Bestpreis-Garantie ✓Preisvergleich ✈ Urlaub buchen.Alsaeid Abu Hdria Dispensary for medical services. ٤٧٢. ٤٧٣. Saeed Ali Trading Est. Pharmacy. ١٦٣٠. ١٦٣١. Gharaeb Anzarat Center category a. ١٧١٥. ١٧١٦.Abu Khalid I am the one who committed crimes. In the desert of. from the increase of trade, for reasons which may have derived from religious piety o from a. bAJAEB-AL MAKHLOGHAT VA GHARAEB-AL MOJODAT from EMAD AL DIN. However, foe scale of finan- cial losses could hamper foe company’s plans with ana- lysts calculating that Ford may have lost as much as Continued on page 14.Col 7 Ministers under fire, page 2 ‘Dirty tricks’ theories multiply By Sheila Gunn - POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT RUMOURS of dirty cricks against leading Liberal Dem- ocrats intensified last night after Chris Patten, the Con- servative party chairman, confirmed that his officials employed the services of a credit rating agency.• - The admission was made as City of London police were investigating a second break- in at foe offices of Bates: Wells and Braithwaite, the solici- tors who act for Paddy Ashdown, the Liberal Demo- crat leader, fn a separate move, the Hove and Portslade Conservative Asso- ciation issued a siaiemem about a man charged with stealing a document belong- ing to the solicitors.

АБУ Трейд ХХК ABU Trade LLC, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 243 likes 3 talking about this. Турбо Цахилгаан Халаагуур. Эдийн засагт хэмнэлттэй бага.In the era of Saddam Hussein, Abu Ghraib, twenty miles west of Baghdad, was one of the world’s most notorious prisons, with torture, weekly executions, and vile living conditions. As many as.Affiliate marketing · e-Procurement · Trade partners. Airline of the Year 2019. World's Best Business Class. World's Best Business Class and five more awards. [[Col 3 Letters, page 11 CIA joins fight to to topple Saddam From martin Fletcher in Washington THE Bush administration has stepped up its drive for President Saddam Hussein's removal.It is believed to have secretly notified Congress of plans tb use CIA contingency funds for new covert activities against • the Iraqi dictator, and has quietly sent Robert Gates, the new CIA director, to the Middle East this week to consult Arab allies about his position. The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal all re- ported Mr Gates’s supposed- ly secret trip; to the Middle East yesterday, suggesting that foe story might have been deliberately leaked to intensify the pressure on Saddam. which rarely discusses its director's travels, on this- occasion con- firmed that Mr Gates was •■abroad” discussing “intelli- gence- related matters mu- tual concern".The moves, come as Saddam appears once again to be testing the resolve of the international coalition ar- rayed against him.

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He is re- fusing to co-operate with further UN inspections of his weapons facilities and has broken off talks on oil sales to buy food for his people.Diplomats believe he is pushing President Bush’s pa- tience to the limit, especially in an election year when Mr Bush wants to flaunt his Gulf war victory.The administra- tion reportedly wants to make $20 million available (£11 million) for fresh coven ac- tions against Saddam, but it is undear what these would be. Broadly, the administra- tion believes that backing a revolt by Shia and Kurdish rebels would merely rally the rest of Iraq behind Saddam, and that the best hope of removing him is to foster and support a revolt from within foe army and Saddam's rul- ing Sunni Muslim minority.It has been encouraged tty hints of increasing dissent within Saddam’s inner circle - Offidally Mr Gates is mak- ing an inaugural tour of the CIA’s Middle East posts, but officials quoted here yester- day said he was also discuss- ing ways of hastening Sad- dam’s downfall with Arab allies.Mr Gates is under- stood to indude meetings with President Mubarak of Egypt and King Fahd of Sau- di Arabia, who is said to be increasingly anxious to have the threat of Saddam removed.

The New York Times said that America was seriously considering a “demonstra- tion" bombing raid against an Iraqi weapons facility if Saddam continued to ob- struct UN inspections.The aim of this would be both to humiliate the Iraqi leader and embolden his opponents, but diplomats bettered such an action ro be improbable.The administration is si- multaneously stepping up its rhetorical pressure on Saddam. James Baker, the Secretly of State, hinted at "additional measures” against Iraq “within the con- texr of the security council”.Aids campaign to target ethnic minorities By Thomson Prentice, medical correspondent A BIG shift in the govern- ment’s Aids prevention poli- cies is planned because of growing evidence that most of those known to have ac- quired HIV heierosexua Dy belong to ethnic communities ’ and were infected abroad.The health department and the Health Education Au- thority, which is government- funded, will next month launch their first ' publicity campaign aimed specifically at Britain’s African and Asian population.

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Prepara- tions for the campaign coin- cide with a report in The Lancet today showing that 77 per cent of pregnant women diagnosed as HIV-positive at St Thomas's hospital, on the Thames opposite parliament, were of African origin.Although only a small number of women were in- volved in the study, the results highlight the dilemma-facing health ministers and their ad- visers.They have been consis- tently warning that the het- erosexual spread of the Aids virus is rapidly increasing, and the health department’s own latest figures show that the majority of those infected are from, or have lived in, Africa. But Aids educationists have been reluctant to put too much emphasis on this be- cause of ethnic sensitivities.They are also anxious to dis- courage any general compla- cency about the risks of heterosexual infection.“Two years ago, many people in Britain saw Aids as a homosexual disease. Now ihey may feel, wrongly, that it is limited to the black population.

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These are all ways of denying a general heterosexual risk." Lindsay Neil, manager of foe Health Education Author- ity’s Aids programme said yesterday.Jangu Banatvala, professor of virology at Si Thomas’s, who led the Lancet study, said yesterday: “It is not a ques- tion of the colour of your skin, but where you have been and what you did there.Aids is spreading fast in Africa and Asia and dearly people mov- ing between there and Briiain are ai additional risk and should be monitored and in- formed of those risks." deaths.,^ Crossword Letters Obituaries Sport Weaiher_ 12 27-34 14 Champion sprinter suspended after drug test Weekend Money 19-24 I WEEKt ND Ti Me S i Jyf * ■ 2 5 6.7 Flv ihe World _ 8 Out of Town 9 10.1 1 .13 15 „ 16 TV and Radio — 1 7, 1 8 & € 7701 4G"046169* ■fr -4- ** * * By JOHNGOODBODY SPORTS NEWS CORRESPONDENT KATR1N Krabbe, the long-legged world 100 and 2Q0 metres champion, and two other leading German athletes, Silke M oiler and Grit Breuer, were yesterday suspended by their national federation after an irregularity in a dope test Lutz Nebentha L a spokesman for the German Athletics Federation, said that three urine samples allegedly came from the same person. Plus 500 minimum trade. The first A sam- ple lad been tested in a South African laboratory, which is not accredited by the International Olympic Committee; bur the second B sample will be ana- lysed today in Cologne by Professor Manfred Donike. If the B sample reaches the same findings, then the three face a four-year suspension from international athletics and will miss the Olympic Games in Barcelona.The seriousness of the case led the professor to fly back to Germany yester- day from Albertville, where he is attend- ing the Winter Olympic Games as a member of the IOC Medical Commis- sion.In recent years there have been, instances when the B sample has not . Krabbe, the outstanding female ath- lete at last-year’s world championships in Tokyo, Moller, the.