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Recommendations and information about trademark registration in ARIPO. Registering a trademark through the African Regional Industrial Property.African Trademark Registration Services. Register in South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, ARIPO, OAPI, Morocco, Mauritius, Ghana, Angola, Uganda & more.Trademark registration in South Africa The benefits of registering your trademark A registered trademark grants exclusive nationwide use Registering your trademark grants you protection and the exclusive right to use your trademark in connection to the products and services for which you have registered in a determined country or territory.Recommendations and information about trademark registration in OAPI. la Propriété Intellectuelle OAPI, African Intellectual Property Organization in English. A Trademark is a distinctive word or a combination of both which identifies certain goods and services of one producer offered for sale as being different from those of another. A trademark provides protection to the owner of the mark by ensuring the exclusive right to use it to identify goods or services, or to authorize another to use it in return for payment of royalty.A trade mark is a mark which distinguishes your goods or services from goods or services of others in South Africa, or elsewhere. Trade Marks are register-able.Trademark Search in Africa. While preliminary trademark searches are a critical part of your registration process, a successful search that show no conflicts with identical marks does not necessarily mean the Trademark Office will not reject your registration application.

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This trend has augured well for investors, leading to the creation and development of brands to harness the increased demand for products and services.The International Trademark Association heralded Africa’s foray onto the world stage about a year and a half back, when it held its first conference on African soil in September 2016.The growth momentum is projected to be sustained this year as well. As per the recently published report from the World Bank, the economy is set to grow at 3.2%, which is on par with the global average of 3.5%, and is expected to encompass six of the top ten fastest growing economies.Trademark Registration Systems in Africa Trademark registration systems in Africa are peculiar and comprise a complicated mix of National and Regional systems.There are two Regional Trademark organizations (i.e.

Centralized trademark filing systems) in Africa, which account for approximately 50% of the countries that make up the continent, with most of the other countries having their own national trademark legislations.African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (“ARIPO”)ARIPO was established in 1976 under the auspices of the Lusaka Agreement.The organization is comprised of 19 member states, most of which are English-speaking economies. هل يلزم الطرفين القبول التحكيم التجاري الدولي. Note The above are all extracts from the South African Trade Marks Register. When a trade mark brand name, slogan or logo has been registered, nobody.Trade marks. Worldwide Intellectual Property IPvocate Africa. The first step to protect your brand is to register your trade mark.Register a trade mark in South Africa at the lowest cost guaranteed. Our trade mark attorneys will protect your word mark, company name and logo.

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The Trademarks Registry, Commercial Law Department, Federal Ministry of. A trade mark is registerable in black and white or in colour.What is a trademark and what is protected by trademark law. larger than 10x5 cm;; If colour is claimed, five copies in colour and one copy of the black and white design;. Does my home country trademark registration protect me in China?A Trademark registration is valid for 10 years from date of application. ARIPO is mandated to register marks and the administration of such registered marks on. How to Register a Trade Mark in South Africa. Once a trade mark is registered in South Africa, it needs to be renewed every 10 years to stay in force.Registration Request Filing the trademark application before the Trademark Office of the country or organization where seeking to register the trademark. Step 3 Registration Certificate Issuance of the trademark registration certificate and forwarding the documentation to the client. A report with the trademark registration details is included.Register your trade mark with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission CIPC, to prevent your competitors from using it. CIPC administers the.

Information related to the trademark registration in South Africa, filing and prosecution of a trademark application in South Africa, cost for registration, description.The trade mark attorneys in our intellectual property group also litigate these issues in courts across Africa. Adams & Adams is the largest IP firm in Africa and is.Trade Marks. Validity and enforceability of international registrations in African countries through to long response times from local registries – these are some of. Al wathiq general trading llc. [[Three factors influence the costs of trademark filing and registration in OAPI: the number of trademarks being applied for; the number of classes of goods and/or services included in each trademark application; and the number of priority applications.National Trademark Systems and South Africa Apart from the OAPI member states, most African jurisdictions have national trademark systems in place.For example, national registration is the only method possible in South Africa, which is neither a member of ARIPO nor a member of OAPI.

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As per the report published by the World Intellectual Property Organization, South Africa was the most sought after jurisdiction within Africa for the filing of trademarks in 2016, having received close to 38,000 applications.Brand Protection Costs in Africa Typically, there are two categories of costs involved in filing trademark applications in Africa and, subsequently, getting them registered; these are official fees and attorney charges.The costs are generally dependent on the number of classes of goods and services under which the trademark applications are filed and the number of designations in the ARIPO application. Bluefin trading interview. The current version of ‘International Classification of Goods and Services’ () contains 34 classes for goods and 11 classes for services.Let us consider a trademark application that is to be filed electronically under three classes in ARIPO, OAPI, and South Africa, with the ARIPO application containing three designations.For instance, the applicant could be a travel organizer wishing to register under Class 36 (Insurance), Class 39 (Travel Arrangement), and Class 41 (Education).

Further, we shall consider that the applications include a priority claim to an application initially filed in the U. The estimated costs of the trademark process under three classes in ARIPO, OAPI, and South Africa, from filing through registration, add up to approximately $7,850 (.The estimated filing costs are more or less similar in the three jurisdictions.However, the estimated registration costs in ARIPO are approximately 15 times greater than those in OAPI and 6 times greater than those in South Africa. Protection insurance brokers l.l.c. Official Fees — Filing: For the above scenario, the approximate official fees to be paid at the time of filing range from $150 in South Africa to $905 in OAPI.These include: the basic filing fee; the fees for the first class per designation in ARIPO; the fees for an additional class per designation in ARIPO; and the fees for claiming a priority in OAPI.Official Fees — Registration: The approximate official fees to be paid at the time of registration are $600 in ARIPO, inclusive of the fees for the first class per designation and the fees for an additional class per designation.

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There is no official registration fee in OAPI and South Africa.International Trademark Cost Calculator Interested in getting such costs calculated?The Global IP Estimator is a smart, robust, and state-of-the-art Intellectual Property cost calculator from the stables of Quantify IP, which greatly simplifies the arduous and challenging task of Intellectual Property budgeting management. It is available in desktop and online versions and offers what traditional Intellectual Property docketing software does not — it can instantly and accurately calculate the worldwide costs for a single patent, trademark, design, or utility model.The Global IP Estimator has empowered the decision-makers in many companies and over 70% of the top 100 IP law firms in the U.S to solve diverse challenges in managing IP budgets.

African trade mark registeration

To see what we can do for you, email us at, call us at 1–808–891–0099, or visit https://We offer has a holistic approach to brand management and enforcement as a result of which we ensure that our clients’ Trade Mark is not viewed and considered in isolation but that all forms of intellectual property protection and enforcement mechanisms is considered and, where appropriate, implemented.Doing business in Africa is fraught with difficulties which is due to, amongst other factors, a lack of established infrastructure in both the public and private sectors. We have developed what is now a well-established and effective network of agents throughout Africa which enables us to assist clients with Trade Mark matters across the continent.Although not a requirement for Trade Mark registration, we recommend registrability searches prior to any filing.Searches have a number of purposes: (1) To determine if the proposed Trade Mark is available for registration and (2) to assess the likelihood of obtaining registration.