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MetaTrader 4, also known as MT4, is an electronic trading platform widely used by online retail foreign exchange speculative traders. It was developed by.Elevate your trading with the HotForex MT4 Platform.Trading technology is becoming increasing advanced and traders can initiate trades within milliseconds via their preferred trading platform. The exchange of.AIOTrade formerly Humai Trader Platform is a free, open source. M4 platform for a couple years Trading Application with Complete C# and. Finally, a solution that will help you transcend to your highest level of trading.Modulus Trading Solutions are for only the most advanced quantitative traders and fund managers - the top 1% who are consistently profitable.It is for those who demand absolute control over all aspects of their trading system design, development, testing, simulation, live trading, and walk-forward optimization.In designing our trading platform framework, we sought the guidance of our most successful clients.

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Your expert knowledge, intuition, and creativity are what make you a successful trader.Even the most expensive off-the-shelf software holds you back, limiting your ability to develop, test and implement imaginative new strategies in a novel way.Modulus Trading Solutions help successful traders generate more alpha by removing virtually all limitations and barriers. Institutional traders trading strategies. Modulus helps optimize the speed of processing and transacting through the use of high performance computing techniques, utilizing both software and hardware systems. no matter where your imagination and opportunities take you.Our trading solutions provide bridges to popular market data vendors, as well direct market access (DMA) adapters, for ultra-low latency.FIX adapters for many brokers, as well as DMA connectivity options, are also available.

Get started trading with MT4, the advanced trading platform that lets you customise and enhance your trading. Find out more now.I took the course and shortly thereafter started trading futures under a. The most popular offering has been our M4 trading platform, which is a.You can now trade Trade on the go with the New MT4 Web Platform. MT4 Accounts on the MetaTrader 4 platform have maximum account equity restrictions. Data is accessible through our integrated time-series database with visual rendering of results in our award-winning chart library, which can display millions of points.Program powerful trading systems that make use of machine learning, inter-market analysis, multi-time-frame analysis, and real-time, tick-by-tick market scanning.Implement powerful neural networks and genetic algorithms for deep learning, natural language recognition for ultra-fast sentiment analysis, rough set theory, fractal and cycle analysis, pattern recognition, plus more.With Modulus, you can exploit even the most highly efficient markets.

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Modulus Trading Solutions are designed for high frequency trading of equities, futures, options, forex, and cryptocurrencies.For ultra-low latency, our custom hardware solutions are capable of generating signals in less than 30 nanoseconds, providing for absolute minimal slippage.Our industry-leading HFT machine learning system is based on IBM Power9 processors and FPGA algorithms. Cfd fashion. Modulus Global, developer of such advanced financial technology products as the M4 Trading Platform, the most secure trading platform in the world, today.Options IT needed to deliver high performance financial trading applications. We found all that and more with the System x3750 M4 platform.I've been using ModulusFE's M4 platform for a couple years Trading Application with Complete C# and C++ Source Code by Modulus - YouTube. I use this because the source code is open and commercially supported you get 24/7 dev support.

M4 Trading Platform Features Professional charting and technical analysis. Automated trading via a flexible built-in scripting language. Real time stock, futures and forex quote screens. Real time alerts, market scanning and strategy back testing engine. Low latency trading. Application may be.Trade better with Tickmill's MT4 Platform. Spreads from 0.0, 1.5s execution, advanced analysis and charting capabilities our MT4 lets you excel.A comparison of the Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 trading platforms, providing a Metatrader review of which alternative is more suitable for different traders. Mx forex. [[We harness this power by attracting the world's greatest talent, bringing vital partners into our global platform, and leveraging our solution accelerators and frameworks.With Modulus, there are no long-term contracts, recurring license fees, or revenue sharing schemes. For custom projects, we use a Success-Based Fee Model, which reduces risk and ensures predictable pricing.The M4 trading platform is a professional trading application, featuring real-time quote screens, charting, portfolio tracking, auto-trading, scripting, expert advisors, stock scanning, alerts, and other advanced features.

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Are you paying for a subscription to a platform you don't own?Are you worried there are critical software problems you can't solve because you don't have the source code?Are you worried about the associated risk, time, and money it takes to build a trading platform from scratch? Apsi middle east general trading. M4 is a white-label trading application which comes with components and partial source code.The end product is malleable and can be rebranded as your own application.To understand more, please watch the 10-minute demo on You Tube: 1.

Buying a readymade, custom-built trading platform is expensive. Building a trading platform from scratch can be even more expensive. Leasing a trading platform creates high, and often inescapable, switching costs, not to mention, . It is limiting and dangerous to be denied access to modify and fix bugs in your trading platform. However, using free, open-source code is even more dangerous (see our document).Brokerages, perhaps you are paying for a platform that you don't own.Or, are you concerned your competitors are releasing new versions of their platform so rapidly you can't keep up? Camel trading event in rajasthan. Traders, perhaps you are frustrated with the lack of flexibility and support with your existing, off-the-shelf trading software.Are its limited features inadequate for your trading style? Simple The front-end user interface is available in C#, which offers a familiar setting for experienced . The CPU-intensive back-end, however, is written in C for the best possible performance.Back-end code includes charting features, technical analysis, and a scripting language.

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Flexible Everything about M4 is completely customizable.All windows, menus, toolbars, charts, and features can be modified, enhanced, or removed with ease.Because you are given the complete set of development libraries, you can make your own modifications, or you can hire developers to modify the code to your specifications. Fine star gold bullions trading llc. M4 features multi-timeframe charts, separate windows for charts (to support multiple monitors), auto-trading capabilities, a trend cycle identifier, artificial intelligence features, pattern recognition, and more.M4 is a white-label trading application which comes with programming libraries and C# examples for modifying the appearance and functionality. Buying a readymade, custom-built trading platform is expensive. Building a trading platform from scratch can be even more expensive. Leasing a trading platform creates high, and often inescapable, switching costs, not to mention, . It is limiting and dangerous to be denied access to your trading platform source code. However, using free, open-source code is even more dangerous (see our document).Because you are provided with source code examples and developer documentation, you can make your own modifications, or you can hire developers to code to your specifications.

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Modulus M4 Case Study - When To Trade Cycles and Genetic Algorithm (GA) Platform (PDF) Designed for professional traders, this version features the ability to trade multiple asset classes through various brokerages or through direct market access.Traders can back-test and forward-test multiple trading strategies simultaneously, trading strategies can be optimized using genetic algorithms, plus traders can create high frequency auto-trading strategies and much more.This version of M4 lets quant strategy developers create advanced trading strategies using the R programming language, C , Trade Script, or any . This version also features a quant function library and advanced back testing features including the ability to back-test multiple petabyte HFT databases via RMD Server. M4 Fund Management Edition features all the same functionality of the Professional Trading Edition plus the ability to trade for multiple clients on a one-on-one basis or via one-to-many copy trading.This version also features a CRM designed for fund managers, a reporting engine that generates client profit & loss reports, plus the ability to connect to any brokerage API or exchange.M4 Education Edition lets educators teach online students their proprietary trading strategies and methodologies via a custom application, thereby reducing the dependency and cost associated with commercial data feeds and standard off-the-shelf software such as Ninja Trader™, Trade Station™, etc.