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Details of Emirates Trading Agency E T A LLC phone number, address, email and website - Electromechanical Equipment, ELECTROMECHANICAL EQUIPMENT, Electromechanical Equipment Emirates Trading Agency E T A LLC Dubai, UAE, Electromechanical Equipment, ELECTROMECHANICAL EQUIPMENT, Electromechanical EquipmentFind company research, competitor information, contact details & financial data for EMIRATES TRADING AGENCY LLC of Dubai, Dubai. Get the latest business insights from Dun & Bradstreet.A deal was signed between the two partners, Alghurair Group,Dubai and Amana Investments Ltd. the Hong Kong based company of Mr B. S Abdul Rahman and a partnership was born with the launching of Emirates Trading Agency L. L. C ETA See MoreIn 1991 their legal structure changed into a corporate legal entity and was renamed Emirates Trading Agency LLC. The ETA Ascon Group is engaged in. شركةالالكترونية الحديثة للتجارة العامة. Emirates Trading Agency ETA Dubai. 821 likes. Diversified Company with Contracting & Engineering, Trading & Shipping, Manufacturing & Assembling.While it's easy to be fixated on what a building looks like from the outside, this award recognises those that make sure the heart of a building is.Emirates Trading Agency is a foreign company incorporated on 04 April 1996. and its country of incorporation is United Arab Emirates. Emirates Trading Agency's Foreign Company Registration Number FCRN is F01988. Its Email address is cader@and its registered address is D-74 DEFENCE COLONY NEW DELHI DL 110024 IN, -,

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Emirates Trading Agency Llc v Prime Mineral Exports Private Ltd England and Wales High Court Commercial Court 1 Jul, 2014 1 Jul, 2014ETA is a conglomerate in the U. A. E. with expertise ranging from Civil Construction to Electro Mechanical, Power Projects, Elevator Engineering, Bulk.Map Location of EMIRATES TRADING AGENCY ETA LLC. Disclaimer If you are looking for a job in EMIRATES TRADING AGENCY ETA LLC or just looking for salary information in the company then this site is not for you because we does not provide the information that you are looking for. This site is a business directory site and not a recruitment site. Route forex. If no solution can be arrived in between the parties for a continuous period of three (3) months, then the non-defaulting Party can invoke the arbitration clause and the defaulting Party shall be liable to pay liquidated damages at the rate of USD ten (10) per wet metric tonne of the Cargo that remained to be supplied/taken delivery of for the balance of the Term of the LTC if it had been performed in full.The Parties hereby agree that the sum of USD 10 per wet metric tonne is a genuine pre-estimate of the damages which would be suffered in case of default.Provided however that for the purpose of this Clause, the Seller shall not be considered in substantial breach of this LTC in the event it does not carry out its obligations required to be carried out at the relevant time under this LTC if the Buyer fails to comply with its duty under Annexure 2 in agreeing upon the schedule of shipment as proposed by the Seller.11.1 All disputes arising out of or in connection with this LTC shall be finally resolved by arbitration in accordance with the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). The arbitration shall be conducted in the English language.11.2 The arbitration shall be referred to a tribunal of three (3) arbitrators who shall be appointed by the ICC.

Get free access to the complete judgment in Emirates Trading Agency Llc v Sociedade De Fomento Industrial Private Ltd on CaseMine.September 2014 - Emirates Trading Agency LLC v Prime Mineral Exports Private Ltd; Construction Industry Law Letter; International Quarterly; Solutions; Articles and papers; Annual Review; Adjudication case notes; Webinars and podcasts; Publications; Events; News; About us; Blog; Services. Project support; Contracts & documentation; Procurement; Dispute resolution; SustainabilityEmirates Trading Agency ETA Salary in United Arab Emirates. Average Monthly Salary Emirates Trading Agency ETA in United Arab Emirates, AED 8,138. ETA Star Group is an investment company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a joint-venture between Al Ghurair and Tamil entrepreneurs B. S. Abdur Rahman and Syed Ahmed Hussain.CA 003/2017 Bocimar International N. V. v Emirates Trading Agency LLCLearn about working at Emirates Trading Agency. Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at Emirates Trading Agency, leverage your professional.


As a result of SFI instructing counsel from the same barristers' chambers as that in which Mr Douglas practised, he resigned and was replaced as chairman on 21 April 2011 by Mr Jagusch. By a letter of ETA objected to the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, and on 10 August 2011 served written submissions in support of the objection.In summary, ETA argued that SFI had failed to comply with the requirement to undertake friendly discussions for a continuous period of 3 months which was a condition precedent to the right to commence arbitration proceedings, and accordingly that the Tribunal lacked jurisdiction. The Tribunal heard evidence and received written and oral representations from the parties' legal advisors.On 21 December 2011 it issued a Partial Final Award pursuant to s. 47 of the Act determining that it had jurisdiction ("the Jurisdiction Award").The relevant findings were set out in paragraphs 7.2 to 7.8 in the following terms: 7.3 Meetings and various discussions occurred between the parties both before and after the Notice of Termination, including 1 and 2 December 2009.The existence of such discussions is evidenced generally by ETA's letter dated 16 January 2010 and more specifically by Respondent's email dated 6 December 2009, where Respondent provided its draft minutes of the meetings, and also Claimant's reply to Respondent's letter dated 16 January 2010, Furthermore, during oral testimony, the existence of, and its attendance at, the December meetings was confirmed by ETA.

Testimony given by Mr Mubarak Hussain, ETA's witness, admits that the purpose of the discussions was to find an "alternative solution which avoided arbitration".7.4 Following these meetings, the Parties understood that the next step in the discussions would be for ETA to make a proposal concerning settlement of the claim.ETA failed to make any such proposal, save for a repeat of its suggestion that the LTC be reinstated, which SFI had already indicated was unacceptable.(c) prior to 7 November 2009 the claim which was discussed at meetings, over the phone, and through written correspondence, was SFI's claim resulting from what it alleged to be ETA's failure to perform its obligations under the LTC and which led to the Notice of Termination.After 7 November 2009 the claim discussed was SFI's claim set out in the Notice of Termination. Broker investopedia. [[In these later discussions the parties considered a possible settlement of that claim by means of reinstatement of the LTC, but did not reach any agreement;7.8 These facts lead to only one possible conclusion, namely that the Objection fails on the facts.The Parties sought to resolve the disputes by friendly discussion, such discussions took place and did not, over a continuous period of three months, lead to any solution.Only subsequently did SFI commence these arbitration proceedings."11.

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The Tribunal went on to record its view that in any event the friendly discussion provision was too uncertain to be enforceable as a matter of law. ETA did not seek to appeal or challenge the Jurisdiction Award within the 28 day time limit imposed by section 70(3) of the Act, or at all. There were further delays in the progress of the arbitration.As a result, the two co-arbitrators resigned and were replaced by the ICC Court, at the request of the parties, with Sir Jonathan Parker and Mr Fathallah on 16 October 2012 and 14 March 2013 respectively. Article 12 (4) of the ICC Rules applicable at the time provided that: "When an arbitrator is to be replaced, the Court has discretion to decide whether or not to follow the original nominating process.Once reconstituted, and after having invited the parties to comment, the Arbitral Tribunal shall determine if and to what extent prior proceedings shall be repeated before the reconstituted Arbitral Tribunal."15. On the Tribunal invited the parties to make representations on whether and to what extent there should be any repetition of prior proceedings.ETA sought a fresh hearing and decision on its jurisdiction challenge, which SFI resisted.Having considered the submissions, the Tribunal declined to repeat the earlier proceedings or rehear the jurisdiction objection, giving the following reasons in an email of 26 June 2013: "The Tribunal has given close and careful consideration to the Respondent's request that the Tribunal conduct a re-hearing of the objection to jurisdiction.

The Tribunal considers that no sufficient basis has been advanced for the requested re-hearing.In arriving at this conclusion, which is unanimous, the Tribunal notes, without seeking to delineate the circumstances when such a request might succeed, that:- although other evidence is now said by the Respondent to exist that may have been relevant to the Award, the Respondent has not explained how or why such evidence was not put on the record prior to the Award and, more importantly, how such evidence contradicts the evidence of the Respondent's own witness, which was key to one of the central findings in the Award, namely that friendly discussions had taken place between the parties in advance of the Claimant commencing these proceedings."16.A final hearing on the merits took place on 9 September 2013. The Tribunal issued its reasoned final award on 2 September 2014 ("the Final Award").It held that SFI's claim for US$17,816,550 succeeded in full, and awarded that sum together with interest and costs. At the merits hearing, counsel for ETA argued again that SFI had failed to comply with the friendly discussion provision in clause 10 of the LTC.At paragraph 139 of the Final Award, the Tribunal held that in so far as it was an objection to jurisdiction, it raised no new grounds, and had already been dealt with and rejected by the Tribunal.

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At paragraph 140 of the Final Award, the Tribunal acknowledged that the same point was presented by ETA not as an objection to jurisdiction but as a condition precedent to the right to terminate.The thrust of ETA's case on this point was that on a proper construction of clause 10(d), the non-defaulting party was obliged to give the defaulting party 3 months notice of its intention to terminate where it was contended that the defaulting party was in substantial breach of the LTC.The Tribunal rejected that construction at paragraph 141 of the Final Award. It appears from the Final Award that the Tribunal would also have rejected the argument on its facts. At paragraph 137 the Tribunal recited ETA's arguments that the discussions which took place in the months prior to termination, which were addressed more fully in the Jurisdiction Award, were about methods by which ETA might fulfil its commitments under the LTC rather than discussions about resolving any stated intention of SFI to terminate the LTC.In this context at paragraph 138 of the Final Award, the Tribunal expressed the opinion that the argument ignored the conclusions in the Jurisdiction Award under clause 10(d) both on the facts and at law, which the Tribunal adopted as part of its Final Award. On this application ETA advances what are essentially the same arguments as were advanced to the Tribunal and rejected in the Jurisdiction Award.It contends that the friendly discussions provision in clause 10 is a condition precedent to the right to arbitrate and that the failure by SFI to conduct qualifying discussions deprives the Tribunal of jurisdiction.

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It contends that the provision should be construed with a view to giving effect to the desideratum of encouraging commercial parties to engage in negotiation or mediation so as to make arbitration proceedings the method of dispute resolution of last resort.It contends that discussions prior to termination cannot qualify for the purposes of the clause as relevant discussions, and that any discussions thereafter did not fulfil the terms of the clause. An application under s.67 of the Act is a rehearing with evidence: see Dallah Real Estate and Tourism Holding Co v Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Government of Pakistan [2011] 1 AC 763 per Lord Mance at paragraphs [26] and [30] and Rix J in Asov Shipping Co v Baltic Shipping Co (No1) [1999] 1 Lloyd's Rep 68.I heard oral evidence on behalf of ETA from Mr Mubarak Hussain who was the executive director for the trading and shipping division of ETA; and on behalf of SFI from Mr Jayesh Timblo who was the deputy general manager for marketing and sales, having responsibility for the LTC, and from Mr Auduth Timblo who is SFI's managing director and chairman with overall responsibility for its business, although not concerned with this contract on a day to day basis. شركات مقاولات في شارع الشيخ زايد قرب المعبر التجاري. In addition each side adduced evidence by way of witness statements from witnesses who did not appear to give oral evidence. SFI contends that the application must fail for each of four reasons: (1) The issue has been finally and conclusively decided by the Tribunal in the Jurisdiction Award, from which there was no appeal. The Jurisdiction Award was an award which was final and binding on the parties as to the matters it decided.Accordingly an issue estoppel arises and the present application is barred by s. Does the failure to challenge the Jurisdiction Award preclude ETA's s. This is the effect of section 58 of the Act, which applies as much to awards under section 47 as to final awards.Such awards are now commonly termed "partial awards" but their status is more clearly reflected in the description "interim final awards", which is what they were called under the Arbitration Act 1950.