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City Tower 2 Branch. Unit No. RT07, City Tower 2, Trade Center 1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, Dubai. Saturday – Thursday AM – PM, Friday.Title KMSC Rolla sharjah Created Date 9/20/2011 PMWe best provide umrah services from dubai and sharjah we best provide umrah services from dubai and sharjah. Opp KM trading, Rolla. Ramadan Umrah Package By BusRamadan Working Hours Abushagara, Sharjah. Tel 06 5532525. Sat - Fri 9.00 am -1.30 midnight. ١٫٣٠ - ٩٫٠٠. Friday - Prayer break 11.00 am to 1.30 pm. Sat - Thu10.00 am - 1.30 midnight. ١. Rolla Gold Market is one of Sharjah’s top shopping destinations for jewellery lovers.It’s home to a high concentration of retailers, including notable names such as Damas Jewellery, Malabar Gold & Diamonds and Kalyan Jewellers.Enjoy walking between stores and browsing the wide selection of gold, ranging from 18- to 24-carat, as well as precious gems, semi-precious stones, pearls and jewellery from India and Italy.Above listed store information and timings are to the best of our knowledge and may change without prior notice.

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Timings may change during Ramadan and public holidays and hence kindly check with the stores to avoid last minute disappointments. Xone Phone uses the latest technology making it an immersive Android phone.Smartphones are always changing, but not always for the better. Not only is it hard to find value in the current market, but it is also difficult to find simple to use features.Xone Phone is a product with a difference, one that will impress the hard to please.One of the greatest threats to phone users is security.

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Km trading sharjah rolla ramadan timings

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