Session expired, relogin please.FleetMon Explorer is your interactive tool for live AIS vessel tracking. Providing you with a real-time view of the marine traffic, from global overview to the single ship, it is an outstanding and powerful tool for operations monitoring, fleet tracking, logistics scheduling, research and traffic analysis that runs right in your browser.Appointed as shipmanager for Seatrade's m.v. Fiona ex Triton Star; owned by Triton. out to Maritramp which controlled 60% of the Rhone – North Africa trade.Developed and maintained by Khosla Sons on Sir Mathuradas Vasanji Road, Trade Star houses leading Indian companies such as HDFC, IKYA, and Brighton. Top bitcoin trading sites. Nickel Ore Liquefaction Eyed in Bulker Sinking Off Philippines; 11 Crew Members Missing. and the loss of 66 seafarers in the trade from October 2010 to December of 2011. MV Emerald Star is.Contacts Mr. Soman Haridas Managing Director soman@ Mr. Atul Thakkar Director 9867025401 atul@ Mr. Dilip P.Star Bulk is a global ship manager of seaborne transportation that provides worldwide sustainable solutions in the dry bulk sector, transporting both major and.

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We are based in Holland but we decided to widen our commercial horizon for motorcycle OEM parts through our webshops.We endeavor to serve our e-customers just as well as the client who comes to our desk in the store.Thanks for visiting our webshop and enjoy your shopping! Skin trade full movie watch online. On 6 July 2011 it concluded a voyage charterparty on the Gencon form with Phiniqia International Shipping LLC (Phiniqia), for the carriage of a cargo of coking coal from Bandar Abbas, Iran to Vizag, India.Arising from that charterparty it has claims against Phiniqia.It has pursued those claims by way of the arrest on 12 August 2013 in Port Elizabeth of the , a Hong Kong company called Action Partner Limited (Action Partner), for the release of the vessel was dismissed by Eksteen J in the Eastern Cape Local Division, Port Elizabeth.

MV Agusta OEM Parts just a click away”. StarTwin Trading is a subsidiary of Star Twin based 150Km south of our main office in Loenen. We as Star Twin are.The vessel MV Carolina Star has successfully been taken over in. fixed for a period up to twelve months within a Europe-West Africa trade.Find out the very latest news, sports news and showbiz from the Daily Star - Britain's most successful newspaper! Thread process شرح بسيط. The charterparty concluded between Hilane and Phiniqia provided that it was to be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.It contained the conventional clause providing for the master to sign bills of lading as presented without prejudice to the terms of the charterparty and, in certain circumstances, for the owner’s agents to sign bills of lading on behalf of owners. & CHARTERERS UNDERTAKE TO SURRENDER THE FIRST SET OF ORIGINAL BILLS OF LADING ISSUED AT LOADPORT TO OWNERS WITHIN 21 DAYS.These obligations were varied to some degree by the provisions of clauses 38 and 46 of the rider clauses which provided as follows: SET OF BILLS OF LADING IN DUBAI AGAINST CHRS SIMPLE L. IF REQUIRED OWNERS AGREE TO ISSUE BS/L SHOWING LOADPORT “MIDDLE EAST PORT” OR “PERSIAN GULF PORT” OR “RAS ALKHAIMAH” INSTEAD OF ACTUAL LOADPORT “BANDAR ABBAS”.CHARTERERS WILL ENDEAVOUR THEIR BEST TO ENSURE THAT ORIGINAL BILLS OF LADING ARE MADE AVAILABLE AT DISPORT ON OR BEFORE VESSEL'S ARRIVAL TO DISCHARGE.

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In terms of clause 38 the second set of bills could only be issued against a letter of indemnity (LOI) given to Hilane by Phiniqia.Accordingly Phiniqia executed an LOI in favour of Hilane indemnifying it in respect of any liability, loss, expenses or damage of whatsoever nature that Hilane might sustain by reason of having issued two sets of bills of lading in accordance with Phiniqia's request.The LOI also provided that if the or any other property belonging to Hilane should be arrested or detained, or such an arrest or detention be threatened, by reason of issuing two sets of bills of lading, Phiniqia undertook to provide immediately on demand such bail or other security as might be required to prevent such arrest or detention or to secure the release of the vessel or such other property and to indemnify Hilane in respect of any loss, damage or expenses, including but not limited to interest and attorneys’ fees caused by such arrest or detention ‘whether or not the same may be justified’. [[Once the second set of bills of lading had been issued and the LOI furnished to Hilane’s agents, Hilane asked for the cancellation and return of the first set of bills of lading. On 21 July 2011 Tradeline, acting as Phiniqia’s agents, advised that: Shortly before the vessel was due to arrive at Vizag on 27 July 2011, Tradeline indicated to Hilane that the original bills of lading might not be available upon arrival.In accordance with rider clause 46 it requested the owners to provide it with the format of a further LOI for the discharge of the cargo in the absence of the bills of lading.That LOI was furnished and executed on behalf of Phiniqia on 27 July 2011.

Nickel Ore Liquefaction Eyed in Bulker Sinking Off Philippines; 11 Crew.

Its terms were similar to those of the earlier LOI, save that the indemnity was against any liability, loss, damage or expense of whatsoever nature sustained by reason of delivering the cargo in accordance with Phiniqia’s request without delivery up of the bills of lading.It contained a provision that once the original bills of lading came into Phiniqia’s possession it would deliver them to Hilane, whereafter its liability under the LOI would cease.Golden Waves remained in possession of the first bill of lading. On 25 August 2011 its agents wrote to Hilane stating that they were the shipper of the cargo and asking for confirmation that it was still being held to Golden Waves’ order.According to Golden Waves it had not been paid for the coal.Hilane in turn passed this message to Phiniqia, but Golden Waves’ claims were not resolved.

On 8 November 2011 London solicitors acting for Golden Waves sent Hilane a letter of demand for the unpaid price of the coal in an amount slightly in excess of AED 8 million.[2] When there was no response to this demand Golden Waves caused the to be arrested on 5 January 2012 in Napier, New Zealand.Hilane demanded that Phiniqia fulfil its obligations under the two LOIs and reinforced their demand with an order of the High Court in England, but Phiniqia did not respond.Eventually Hilane had to procure a guarantee from its own bankers to secure the release of the In consequence of these events Hilane contended that Phiniqia was obliged to indemnify it against the claim by Golden Waves and for the damages it said that it suffered in consequence of the arrest of the in New Zealand. It referred a dispute in this regard to arbitration in London in accordance with the provisions of the charterparty and obtained an award in its favour.The relevant terms of that award were as follows: An Indemnity in respect of Golden Waves’ Arbitration Claim should Owners be liable for the same together with an indemnity in respect of costs incurred by Owners (and for those which Owners may become liable to Golden Waves) in the Golden Waves Arbitration Claim; Interest on any such losses, calculated at the rate of 5 per cent per annum compounded with three monthly rests running from the dates such losses were incurred until the date of payment by Charterers..In formulating its claim it assesses its liability to Golden Waves in an amount of AED 8 279 253.48; the arrest losses as USD 913 456.70; and its claims in respect of further losses and costs, in various lesser sums.

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In total it claimed judgment for USD 3,8 million together with interest and costs.We were informed from the bar that, although a monetary value has been placed on the Golden Waves claim, no arbitration award has yet been made in favour of Golden Waves although it is anticipated that an award will be made shortly.Leaving aside the merits of these claims, Action Partner contends that Hilane is not entitled in law to invoke the associated ship arrest provisions in order to pursue them against the In order to appreciate the legal points raised by Action Partner it is necessary to look at the statutory framework in relation to maritime claims and associated ships. Section 1 of the Act defines an admiralty action as meaning proceedings for the enforcement of a maritime claim.The material portion for present purposes of the definition of maritime claim in s 1 of the Act reads as follows: The relevant provisions of s 3 of the Act governing the commencement of actions in rem and the ability to pursue a maritime claim by way of an action in rem against an associated ship are the following:(6) An action in rem, other than an action in respect of a maritime claim referred to in paragraph (d) of the definition of “maritime claim”, may be brought by the arrest of an associated ship instead of the ship in respect of which the maritime claim arose.(iii) owned, at the time when the action is commenced, by a company which is controlled by a person who owned the ship concerned, or controlled the company which owned the ship concerned, when the maritime claim arose.(i) ships shall be deemed to be owned by the same persons if the majority in number of, or of voting rights in respect of, or the greater part, in value, of, the shares in the ships are owned by the same persons; If at any time a ship was the subject of a charter-party the charterer or subcharterer, as the case may be, shall for the purposes of subsection (6) and this subsection be deemed to be the owner of the ship concerned in respect of any relevant maritime claim for which the charterer or the subcharterer, and not the owner, is alleged to be liable.’The background to the introduction of the associated ship arrest provisions was the international trend for ship owners to register all the vessels in a particular fleet in separate companies each owning a single vessel.[3] This rendered the recovery of maritime debts more difficult.Although the Arrest Convention of 1952[4] made provision for the arrest not only of the particular ship in respect of which a maritime claim had arisen, but also the arrest of another ship owned by the same owner as the ship in respect of which the maritime claim had arisen, that was ineffective when the vessels were owned by separate ‘one ship’ companies.

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As the principal author of the Act put it to this court in the ,[5] in order to make liability for a maritime claim or the loss arising from such a claim to fall where it belonged by virtue of common ownership of ships or common control of ship-owning companies, the associated ship provisions were devised and incorporated in the Act.An associated ship arrest can be sought in the following circumstances.There must be a ship in respect of which a maritime claim has arisen. Then there must be another ship – the associated ship – that satisfies the requirements of s 3(7)of the Act, in that it is either in the same ownership as the ship concerned, or where both ships are owned by companies, as is ordinarily the case, control of the company owning the ship concerned at the time the claim arose must be the same as control of the company that owns the associated ship at the time of its arrest. کسب و کار الکترونیکی با تجارت الکترونیکی چه تفاوتی دارد. This was a perfectly satisfactory structure so long as the maritime claim against the ship concerned was a claim that gave rise to a maritime lien or was a claim that arose against the owner of that ship.However, in many maritime situations, the claims arising in respect of a ship might not fall into either category because they were claims that lay in personam against the charterer of the vessel.For example, in many charterparties, the charterer was responsible for providing bunkers to the vessel, but when bunker suppliers remained unpaid they could not arrest the vessel itself.