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Auto World General Trading L. L. C. 339 likes. IMPORTER & EXPORTER OF CAR ACCESSORIES BENZ/BMW/RANGEROVER/JEEP +994503840004 Baku.Your Auto Partner! We are the global leader for Japanese spare parts suppliers world since 1992 New East is one of the Middle East's largest.Continental AG, commonly known as Continental, is a German automotive manufacturing. Continental is the world's fourth-largest tire manufacturer. 4 Continental Tire the Americas, LLC; 5 Automotive electrical-energy storage systems. purchase of General Tire from GenCorp, forming Continental General Tire Corp.Hamad AL Malik General Trading LLC is a UAE based Automobile trading company under the. HMK Parts, a young and & a fast-growing Automotive parts department under HMK Group. We dream to have connections around the world. Almoayyed trading llc. The scandal of what has become known as the “Russian money laundering” is unfolding day after day, thanks to the investigation of 30 journalists, including seven Arab journalists, of Arab companies into the “money laundering” files since it started in 2014.The investigation followed 13 out of 150 UAE companies whose names were listed among thousands of companies which have been identified as being involved in financial corruption and illegal bank transfers in 96 countries.In this investigation, we monitored the transfers of the 13 companies and their activities, which amounted to $ 70 million, and we made contacts with them in direct encounters.Since 2014, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) has published a series of investigations in collaboration with the Russian Novaya Gazeta newspaper to uncover the largest money-laundering operation in history, $ 21 billion, for the benefit of Russian figures and companies.

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The money of fake transactions that managed money laundering was transferred to 5140 companies through 732 banks around the world.The UAE National Bank of Dubai (NBD) is among these banks and it is responsible for suspicious bank transfers worth $ 357 million.When Arabian Business magazine in the UAE asked the bank manager about these facts, he admitted it, but he said he was victim and he did not know about it. World trade center address nyc. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) was also suspected of passing bank transfers in exchange for money laundering transactions worth more than $ 26 million.When the interrogator asked for a reaction, he did not respond.Arab money laundering secrets The investigator found that UAE companies received remittances from convicted Russian companies in exchange for the export of goods which are not related to the company's declared activity.

It also revealed relations between some of these companies and Russian companies and departments, as well as the involvement of some companies in corruption files and major financial scandals, such as Panama documents scandal. Ibrahim Elfiky, former adviser to the International Monetary Fund, criticized the ease of transferring money and talked about the leniency of Arab central banks in controlling bank transfers because governments want to bring more money to their banks without seriously considering the negative effects of the lack of control over these transfers.However, “European banks, especially the European Central Bank, have high standards and strict rules to monitor bank transfers,” said Dr. He added: “The same is true for the American Federal Reserve System, but the Russian bank does not have financial discipline and has no strict rules.” This makes bank transfers between Russian and Arab companies out of strict control and financial discipline and allows them to be an easy haven for money-laundering operations related to arms or human trafficking. Elfiky asserted that one of the tasks of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is to strictly control financial bank transfers around the world.Fake companies Many of the companies we got their names no longer exist after suspicious transactions between 2013 and early 2014. They may be closed months after they were established for the purpose of illegal trading or corrupt transactions. C The company has been specializing in the trade of precious jewelry and watches in Dubai since it was established in 1999.But, we were able to access information about other companies. Although there are information about this company on commercial promotional sites in the UAE, it does not have a website or an email to communicate with it like professional commercial companies.However, the company's communications officer uses an email address followed by Yahoo, which is unprofessional and uncertain in the world of commerce.JEWELLERY SPOT has signed deals with three Russian companies registered in Britain and previously involved in the “Russian laundering” scandal, which are CRYSTALORD LIMITED, SEABON LIMITED and GRIDEN DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED.

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About us. Serving the automotive world since 1992 New East is one of the middle Easts largest importer and. New East General Trading is one of the most trusted auto parts distributors across the globe. Our headquarters is in JAFZA, Dubai.Auto World Japan Co. Ltd. Autoworld Ltd. Baharistan Used Cars Trading L. L. C · Bahawal Sher Trading. Bellnix Co. Ltd. Bello & Grosso General Trading.See who you know at EMIRATES NATIONAL GENERAL TRADING L. L. C, leverage. trading hub connecting Europe, Gulf, Africa, Asia/Pacific and almost half the world. highly competitive prices for all commodities more so for auto-mobiles. It also received $ 384,614 from the second involved company , SEABON LIMITED, between October, and December 2013, in three installments for the export of building materials, according to the invoices we received.The company also received $ 181,701 from GRIDEN DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED in two installments separated by one day in February 2014, in return for the purchase of industrial air compressors.These transfers were made through Mashreq Bank in Dubai and Commercial Bank in Abu Dhabi (ADCB).

With a market presence of over 37 year in the strategic location of Dubai, Satbir International General Trading L. L. C. is well geared for import, distribution and.DUBAI OFFICE Latifa Bint Hamdan St. Behind Al Khail Mall Office #305. Al Quoz 3, Dubai UAE Tel +971 4 3235760. Fax+971 4 3235780. US OFFICEAHMED AL HARIRI GENERAL TRADING LLC. automotive. Alexa logo. Website. Employees. 12. Headquarters. Dubai, Dubai, United Arab. Consequences of trade war. [[The company has a commercial website and its trade mark and information are published on commercial websites especially in the UAE and Dubai.The company has signed a single deal with the involved company KEDASSIA LIMITED, which was listed in the OCCRP files. We have tried to contact the company via phone and email, but we could not get any answer.Lyra Enterprises Ltd Lyra Enterprises Ltd, which is listed in our files, has the same name of Lyra itself, which is involved in the Panama Papers scandal.

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According to our data, the company has signed a deal worth $ 269,769 in 2014 with an implicated New Zealand company, CHESTER (NZ) LIMITED.The deal’s price was paid through Emirates National Bank.We could not obtain the company’s contact information. What does a financial broker do. However, since its name matches the name of the company involved in the famous Panama Papers, and there is no data about it, this raises doubts about its involvement in the Russian laundering cases.New Zealand's CHESTER (NZ) LIMITED, which signed the deal with it, is also included in the Panama Papers.This further strengthens the possibility that Lyra Enterprises Ltd is the same company that is listed in the Panama Papers investigations under the name of LYRA TRADING LTD.

Since March 2014, the company has been run by a man of Cypriot nationality, PAVLOS ARGYROU.MALDEV GENERAL TRADING The company is commercially active in Dubai in the field of refined oil.It has signed a trade deal with SEABON LIMITED, one of the largest companies involved in the money laundering scandal and from which it received $ 306,936 in November 2013 for building materials. Al madina trading al barsha. The amount was transferred via Emirates NBD in Dubai.Our attempts to track down the company and its employees brought us to one of its former senior employees, Farrukh Kadyrkhodjayev, whose name appears to be Russian.We could not confirm the nationality of this person but his account on Linked In reveals that he studied at the University of Tashkent in Uzbekistan and resides in the United Arab Emirates.

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Farrukh currently works for Leadergate Logistics LLC in the UAE, while he previously worked for Lady Collection for women’s jewellery, a Russian company as well.What is noteworthy is the fact that he has managed companies that operate with very different specialties such as oil refining in a particular year and then women's jewelry in the following year.We have contacted the company to get any explanations about the suspicious deal that was signed in 2013, but we did not get any response from them. GULF BUSINESS PARTNERS CORPORATION The company has signed a deal to buy electronic equipment with CHESTER (NZ) LIMITED, which is involved in the Russian money laundering case and was also listed in the Panama Papers scandal.The deal was signed for $ 25,000 in April 2012 through Ajman Bank in the United Arab Emirates.We contacted the bank to get a response or explanation about the aforementioned deal, but in vain.

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Although we were unable to get any information about a company of such name in the UAE, we have found a company with the similar name that is registered in the UK.The available information about the company on the official website of Companies House state that it is managed by a Russian lady who lives in Moscow, Elena Sevastianova.She owns more than 75 percent of the company’s shares, according to the same website. The company has a partner office in South America in a region known to be one of the most famous financial havens in the world. Elena, the company's manager, because there was no contact information anywhere.GULF INVEST REAL ESTATE BROKER It is based in Dubai and specialized in logistics and real estate selling and renting.It is interesting that the company has made consecutive deals with KEDASSIA LIMITED, a Russian company involved in the money laundering scandal that was revealed by OCCRP.