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It was a capital of Bani Sharaf Al-Deen in the 9th century AH 15 the century AD. places in Yemen like Shibam Haraz, Shibam Hadhramawt, Shibam al Ghiras. business shown in the transport and trade activities through the port of Hardh.His route took him past the mud skyscrapers of Shibam, an ancient incense trading town, little changed in 3,000 years. He then travelled onto.Discover Shibam in Shibam, Yemen A city built from mud and known as the "Manhattan of the desert. once a stopping point for traders traveling along the frankincense and spice routes. An Al Qaeda attack in 2009 brought further damage.Welcome to Shibam Crop. For Trading, Cont. & Oil Fields Serv. We believe that oil exploration and production needs a wide range of services, Therefore we established our company as a contracting and services provider in that field. Mlb trade rumors. BySaeed Al-Batati, Shibam. facebook · twitter · linkedin · email. The ancient city of Shibam, dubbed the 'Manhattan of the Desert' for its towering.AL-AMODI CENTER Exclusive showroom Salwa Road,Midmac bridge Near almana Petrol Fax-40383806 40383801/02/04. SEND ENQUIRY. SHIBAM TRADING CENTRE Exclusive showroom Salwa Road, Near Tyseer Petrol Doha –Qatar Fax -44474068 44440666. Working Hours Sat-Thurs 8.00AM-1.00PM 4.00PM-9.00PM View our Location. SEND ENQUIRY.Director's Message About Us Showrooms Beef & Veal Lamb & Offals Poultry, Fish & Veg.

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More recently, it was the commercial capital Wadi Hadramout until 1940, when an airport was built east of Seiyun, and the economic centre of gravity moved there.Shibam is made up of domestic, commercial, educational, administrative and religious buildings – a small walled city that is a complete unit in itself.It has seven mosques, including the Rashid Mosque (sometimes called the Masjid al-Jum’a, the Fiday mosque), which date back to the early tenth century. Trades union congress. Its unique architectural heritage of 500 mud-brick houses is an extraordinary example of traditional Yemeni building skills.Some of these houses are many centuries old and rise up to seven or eight storeys, the tallest reaching 30m.The city’s towering appearance prompted Freya Stark to describe it as “the Manhattan of the desert”.

It results partly from the fact that it is built on a mound made up of the remains of earlier towns.The impression is enhanced by the abundance of windows, usually open, with wooden shutters, or harem grilles, and ventilation openings – often two at different levels on each floor; and by the long lines of shadows cast by the corners and edges of buildings in the afternoon sun.The city was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 1982. حكمه بسيطة لكنها عظيمه. Those who can afford it limewash their houses to protect them against termites and against the rains and flooding which occur from time to time in sa’il, the bed of the main wadi.In general the windowless lower floors are used for grain storage, with areas for domestic use above and those for family and leisure above that.The main room on the second floor is used by men for socializing.It often has wonderful carved plasterwork and freestanding decorated wooden columns supporting the ceiling, while women’s areas are found higher, usually on the third or fourth floor.

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The highest rooms are for communal use by the whole family, and on the upper levels there are often bridges (mi’bar) and doors connecting the houses.These are a defensive feature, but also a practical one – especially for old people who find it difficult to walk up and down the interminable staircases.Seiyun is the largest town of the Wadi Hdramout and the provincial capital and main government, commercial and communications centre. علامة تجارة المواد الغذائية. It is known for the fabulous palm groves that surround it and for its old market where traditional crafts such as jewellery are still practiced.The town, which has a history going back thousands of years, probably owes its origin to this market, once and important stopping place on the early trade route that ran east through Wadi Masila and on to Shihr on the coast.Over many years the gathering of people here led to an urban centre being developed with houses, mosques and schools.

In 1494 there was an influx of people of the Hamdani tribes from north of Sana’a.Their leader was Amir Badr Ibn Tawariq Kathiri, the ancestor of the Kathiri Sultans who ruled from their capital here from 1516 until independence from the British in 1967.The massive Sultan’s Palace, with its four corner towers, stands in the oldest part of Seiyun, nest to the busy market; it is the largest mud-brick building in the Wadi Hadramout and an outstanding example of mud architecture. [[It was built in 1873, rebuilt in 1926 by Mansur bin Ghalib al Kathiri and whitewashed by his son Ali in 1935.Today it houses a museum of archaeology with finds from Raybun, one of Yemen’s most important ancient sites as well as exhibits on popular traditions, folklore and costumes. Encircled by palm groves, is Tarim, which takes its name from a local king, Tarim Ibn Hadramout Ibn Saba Al-Assgar.It was a major centre for the Kathiri state until the 1960s; it was the capital of Hadhramout in ancient times and has been the religious capital of the Wadi Hadramout since the tenth century.

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Its history, like Shibam’s, is related to the rise of the Himyar Kingdom and the destruction of Shabwa.Tarim’s reputation as a centre of religious teaching extended well beyond the Arabian Peninsula, reaching east Africa and Southeast Asia.Locals will tell you that there was once a mosque for each day of the Islamic year. (This was mainly due to the building of mosques by returned merchants as an offering of thanks for the wealth and business prosperity they had won in south – east Asia).One of the most impressive, with its south-east Asian influences and 50-ft-high minaret, is the Al Muhdhar mosque.Built in 1915, it is one of the great symbols of Yemeni architecture.

Tarim is also known for its libraries, the most famous being the Al Kaf Manuscripts Library, which houses around 5000 manuscripts from the surrounding region covering religion, the thoughts of the prophets, Islamic law, Sufism, medicine, astronomy, agriculture, biography, history, and mathematics.Many go back hundreds of years, and often contain vibrantly colored illuminations and illustrations.The architecture of Tarim is more varied than that of any other Hadramout town. Mixmax trading llc. The town’s building boom began in the nineteenth century and reached its height between the late 1920s and the early 1940s.Al-Ashwal Group is a commercial and industrial one of the most important and prominent trade groups that contribute in a strong and effective way to advance the local development and support the national economy, so as to enhance the permanent partnership between the state and the national commercial and industrial sectors. The group actively contributes to covering the local market with what it needs in many service areas that affect the public interest through government institutions or to meet the needs of the local consumer in the sectors in which the group operates And because the group believes in the sub specialty that is conducive to providing a distinguished service and a competitive product, it has divided its commercial activities into several sectors that complement each other to form a strong tributary of the national economy. important;' id="commercial" data-vc-full-width="true" data-vc-full-width-init="false" class="vc_row wpb_row vc_row-fluid skin-highlight dt-sc-dark-bg rs_hide_bg-image vc_custom_1576479648740 vc_row-has-fill"Al-ashwal for Electric Trade and Agencies Established in 1979 AD as one of the leading importers and distributors of electrical products including: electrical accessories, transmission lines, switches, power cables, communication cables, power distributors, and generators 30 people work in this sector and fifty percent of the tenders that the company works for are governmental The main activity of the commercial sector is the import and sale of all high and low pressure electrical materials and household electrical accessories Al-ashwal for Electric Trade and Agencies is one of the sectors of Al-ashwal Trading and Industry Group that works in trading field. For Transforms oli – Sweden • Impragnierwerk wulknitz Gmbh .

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It also works in general trading and engaged in projects bidding, local and international direct and indirect in multiple areas, and works with government and private agencies have carried out many projects and represent many international companies. At Low Voltage Supply, our focus is to provide products that accommodate to the low voltage supply of all Residential, Commercial, and Self-Storage Industries. Al-Ashwal For Industry In 1995 the group decided to establish al-ashwal for industry in sana’a for marketing fluorescent fitting, wheel barrows ,metal moulding ,panel and making household requirements and other electrical products. Now we launched anew section for making plastic production.150 persons working in this section 1997 we have established a section for distribution boards and road steel lighting, 30 person working in this section. Armeya trading logo. Recently we have established a factory for interlocking paving stones is start working since 2004. In 1979, the group was established al-ashwal for contracting Co. For the supply and Implementation of electrification projects ,power plants, generating set and substation such as transmission line for 11KV and 33KV up to 154KV and substation installation and street lighting in whole Yemen, beside that we have established a section for road pavement as we have our own equipments and vehicles and we have had already done many roads in sana’a city other cities . SANA’A: Al-Nasr Street Lighting, 60th Street Lighting, Taiz street Lighting, GYM Lighting Military street Lighting, 50th street street Lighting from Aser to Shmlan, 50th street street Lighting from hedah to Alsubahh Al-Sayeela Lighting, Mazdaa street Lighting, Neighborthoods Model lighting – Amanat, Althorah street Lighting, 60th Garden street, Alahly Club Lighting, Ammran Streets Lighting ,40th street Lighting – Ammran HUADRAMOUT: Old Sayoun Lighting , Wadi Doan Lighting , Mukalla and its environs Lighting Lighting east Bawazir – Shibam ALHUDIDAH: Lighting districts Galil, Lighting districts cooperation TAIZ: Alihuban – Taiz St.

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Lighting, Altorbah Lighting The eastern entrance for taiz city Lighting • Siemens LLC. Germany • Hyundai Heavy industries .korea • Ta Chuan Technical Co. AL Amoudi Trading and Contracting pride itself in being an energetic, forward thinking and pragmatic company that takes innovation, time bond and client management as core value for its businesses. The broker john grisham story. The company has a mix balance of skilled workforce, professional tools, quality and safety management systems along with the experience and network to deliver projects of multiple sectors and required experiences..We proud ourselves in being one of the leading contracting company in Qatar that has delivered consistency quality projects on time.We have developed some of the fastest tracked projects while ensuring Quality and safety continue to be the heart of each activity.