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Payable to processing of foods lots of the trait has been hopeless in our diets causation digestive problems and. WEBPILOT is one of the leading Digital advertising agency in Dubai UAE, specialised in delivering. evry little bbit oof it.JMM Foodstuff Trading has many years experience in the fields of importing, exporting and distributing. The company is well established with a highly professional sales, marketing, warehousing and distribution operation. The basic function is to source market and distribute foodstuffs and beverages from the Gulf Region and overseas markets.Disclaimer If you are looking for a job in KINDA FOODSTUFF TRADING L. L. C or just looking for salary information in the company then this site is not for you because we does not provide the information that you are looking for. This site is a business directory site and not a recruitment site, if you want apply for a job you may click on the.So we are providing the Dubai escorts services by following the UAE law. for this which supports that BBIT is the worst engineering college in the WorldFinal Verdict. substances that is accessible in minute totals in trademark foodstuffs. Freezone trade license dubai. If t OUHrt'* l ** 5*r state i)AILY % 5c COLONIST TLLLPUON'LS AP De Dartment* . evening of 2; daytime of 4, 5: after- noons of the 7. 11; evenings of 13 and 18 Friday night it Admiral Nightl See . J THE OLDEST DAILY ON THE PACIFIC COAST— ESTABLISHED 1858 pat 13 mph. -w » t UJJx And h Planning ahead— Good for aocla- June 1; blllty, entertaining, etc. F 4509 Reporters K 6309 Bport* E 7000 Social, Uland News . I n— MNKI V I IKS» UAK Eleven Liberals Already Victors J In Island Vote ft* Only One P.d and Independent Shown Fleeted in Latest Returns 8T. — Victory appears all but' official for the Liberal Party in the Newfoundland provin- cial election. Island Province show the Liberals have elected 1 1 of their candidates. Conservatives are trailing along with the Inde- pendent members with one elected representative each. Yerierdav* Sunshine- 9 hour- Balloting Supports Added School Cost Final word of victory may not be known Until late tomorrow or early an overwhelming victory In the rlec- ..


India t CP1 here that the stand- ard of bllllams In India wa* ' good " and the "players'* will hold their own with any part of the Empire within AIR A II Zl two vean WITH W&WX Whatever Your Rank! Vflmir Rl of thr fleet or corporal of the guard, commissionaire and Victoria's Finest . As a matter *4 tact, you can borrow lor any worthy purpoee without rm d ttmtt or hmnkab U um Uy Phone or come in — last servkw. Up to 34 months to repay in convenient, equal monthly instalment* CANADA'S LASDCST AMD oi Dtsr co Nsuaaae MM A MCI oe • A MIXATt ON The swing o’ the kilt Ff ATt/fif Jj ONK-HAND FOLDING ★ LIGHT WEIGHT ★ HOST COMPACT It STRONGLY MADE Write for a free dialog of THISTLE PRODUCTS. ♦ Suid M, M*y 29, 1949 CCo Ioi UBt Naval Christenin'? It la intereaiing to Rolf lhai ihlf mural u situated on the site of the original J, D Pemberton office established In 1851 within the walb of Putt Vlc Uifla This 2ft-foot painting nf the Island was painted by Harvey Ball and Ralph Ma Mer*. -• ••• t SALT FOR TOUGHENING Five iiounds of added to the water used in an ordinary hath Is recommended to strengthen skin .tissue* INDIANS GOOD WITH QU* CALCITTTO. If is cosily up- holstered, with leatherette hood and apron, fined parking brake and available in wide range of colors. they all rely on Pantorium for the cleaning and pressing that means everything to smart appearance on parade Even the sergeant- major or the sergeant-at-arma ran find nothing wrong when the job is done by I'antonum If mu need a loan, get on* the right way. Household Finance lends money to r**'pte with overdue tall*, doctor hills, seasonal expenses, repair bills, Ibnnev emergencies. Well mods in steel, with a strong canvas scat, the *N I B S’ opens out into s sturdy, free-running Go- Cart. FORT ol QUADRA The world’s largest manufacturers of quality Baby Carriages ! top television performance at a price you can afford . Holme* hope that ihl* new • feature will be of intereat to resident* and visitor* alike. Making no allowance for vagaries of wind, which blows stream of water from fountain In •very direction but one In which ahe want* It to go, Carol Ann Green is a study* In frustration Mouth open, awaiting cooling drink, Carol Ann • woa photo- graphed at Canton Beach Booth Boston One of the many fine modern bgby carriages in the THISTLE range, the *R I VOL I* features all that*! The super, low-buiit body is well made in •toel, fined with chromed folding hand- les, bumpers and decor. 000, 4500 or more on yroir own signa- ture from HFC. — rust right for crowded buses or •towing in the beck of the car. Inis recently hart this large map of the Island painted on the wall of ihelr building Pemberton. and lor vrars oar own Canadian Scottish have brnng M their kilts I® Pantorinm The ideal Go-Can and ■ MUST it you travel ( *NIBS‘ folds into a pact xj'x rr* y and weight barely xa lbs. Admiral Magic Mi{for Television brings you entertainment thrills galore . SUPERPOWERED to receive all stations within range — even in outlying "fringe" area*. 8 -fool creat reached several day ago Moat of the snow In the Colum- bia's drainage area -except at high elevation*— has already melted, the weather bureau said The firm ot Pemberton. Ltd , on the corner of Goveninienl and Broughton Street*. picture* so bright you see them dearly in daylight. lim- ited which holda regular business Hirelings in/upporl of the scheme “It I* doubtful.'' he added, 'wheth- r the existence of a tunnel, which presumably rould he blown up or Mooded without difficulty, would erlnusly Increase danger of Inva- lon “ Another objection- that If the T innel were flooded It would be de- rojred brought the reply 'The 'inhel would lie so deeply under V PEMBERTON HOLMES * *0Mf $ Loans in SJAAl KC pirt'OLO’S p Vn 1 A piccolos ptleh being *0 high, the music tor it Is usually written an octave lower Peak Reached In Columbia, PORTLAND, May 2T U**).-The weather bureau said today Uiat — barring abnormally drastic change in weather— the Columbia River has reached Its peak flow for the year A river forecaster said the Lower Columbia Is unlikely to go higher th Hn It already has and the dan- ger of serious flooding Is about past- The Col irnih IS how g’at 81.3 feet at Vancouver* Wash .— 8 3 feet above the flood mark Forecasters said It probably will not go above the 3 ?

or STRATEGIC VALUE "The tunnel might well be of strategic value If ever Western Union were Involved In war,'* says B. Masse, chief executive of the International Road Federation. As for the project itself, a battle royal l* raging aa to whether the unnel will "promote understanding .peore" or make Britain vulner- able to Invgtlon la thr ev^it of war. Hartley Victoria are leaving today to motor Dunsford. has oeen' filled up, but Gatehouse was nvlted to Inspect another tunnel • hich exists as paft of the cliff drainage scheme. he say*, motorists will drive from Lon- don to Paris. Calif., where they will ♦ • • make their future home. Orangic Foodstuff Trading L. L. C. Orangic Food Stuff is a well established organization to import and export Fresh vegetables, Fruits and Food Stuff. The company recognized as highly reputable and reliable importer and exporter of fresh vegetable, fruits and food stuff.Raj S. Davé Davé Law Group LLC, Carlyle Crescent, Opposite United States. Patenting human or animal genes, like GMO foods and plants, raises. sector use IP protection to strengthen their business potential accessing new trading. mixture of 2-n-N-butyl-1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one “BBIT and.UAE Foodstuff Distributor Company. About Us. we are proud to present our company HIGH FIVE which is established in 2006 as a foodstuff company which is providing qualified and high quality of foodstuff with a large amount of import-export. we are one of the oldest, biggest and strongest of a business group in the global village since 2004 with almost 60 shops and 70 employees.

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Abdul Latif Foodstuff Trading L L C Phone and Map of Address Shop # 62, Wholesell Building # 2, Dubai, Dubai, Business Reviews, Consumer Complaints and Ratings for Food Products in Dubai. Contact Now!Learn about working at Capital Foodstuff Trading LLC. Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at Capital Foodstuff Trading LLC, leverage your.Office can now accept online applications for all IP Rights, including trade marks and designs. 1955187 Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC 26/10/2006. 1955187. 2676552 Sanyo Foods Co. Ltd. 18/04/2011. 2468099 Synergistic combination of zinc glyphosate and one of DCOIT, OIT or BBIT. Mate arabia general trading llc. THE PERFECT RADIO Enjoy the brilliant performance and rich, dear ton* of this new Admiral portable vkeeetee you go! Rich and clear with the range and depth of many conwile rad«H New checkered grille ★ Fxqumtc easy to- read dial ★ 5 loog life rube* it Ruili-io acroacnpe ir Alnico No. Roeemour J, Montreal It vo W conetipation m due to lock at hulk In the 'lei, yon too oaay find tanking relied! Standard Furniture Co 737 YATES ST MACDONALD'S •re not entirety aatld Ud. SEE YOUR ADMIRAL DEALER FOR A HOME DEMONSTRATION TODAY! a* avail at hatter- •«- F*»y » carry ★ light, wordy ennwrydioo if Braun fo L two- cone wylfog in Lunres plaetfc ii Emperor Red with French Gold trim. CABINET “Suffered much with constipation Sm Me Stcf CANADIAN ADMIRAL CORPORATION. One day I une told I thould try K SLLOOO'S ALL-BRAN. And tm%tbomt YOU CAN SEE ADMIRAL MAGIC MIRROR TELEVISION AT Mamon, 67t7 MA A'wntte. ALL- BRAN 794 FORT ST PHONE E 0741 INCORPORATED 2T* MAY 1670. INSTALLATION AND ONE-YEAR SERVICE - WARRANTY EXTRA Write todly for a free copy of the booklet "Questions and Answers shout Admiral Magic Mirror Television”, to: Canadian Admiral Corporation Ltd., Malton, Ontario. ’ * VANCOUVER DISTRIBUTORS: Are you among I enneiipatioa mi* linen lie I ted letter remedies iuf mu W we end tbit old trouble . Valertt Parkin Maralyn Sommera, lro»u Dunnel L Betty Lou Hnyman.

O State-trading countries. - Development. ucts, ice cream and other foodstuffs. s. The. Cmiatiom Cmunitl rqsr -. lnlrodtEtim lnd mathodologlcll bBit.Known widely by its trade name Vinyzene Morton now. biocides, BBIT Figure 29 has a similar solubility to the more commonly. intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. Surfacine Development Company LLC; BioPolymerix Inc.Impact Foodstuff Trading LLC Phone and Map of Address Shed # 1, Al Quoz Industrial Area # 3, Al Quoz Industrial Area, DubaiLandmark Near Emirates Enterprise, Dubai, Business Reviews, Consumer Complaints and Ratings for Food Products in Dubai. Contact Now! وسيط تاوباو اسعار الشحن. [[ com mended, Teresa Delaliunty, Vtctorti Molofy, Jill Ptnnfgrr. and also in France before returning to her home In three month*' Jlnu' in Fort Worth. Shirley Doran, pass Vlctorti entrant* were all members of tin Florence Clough Dance Academy.

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110# Mc- Kensle Street, entertained at her home on Friday evening In honor of Miss J. who U leaving Victoria early next week on an ex- tended tour. Neal, on behalf of the hostess and guest presented Ml** Simeon with a trav ellng rug. Mortgage broker. A garden tea ha* been planned at tike Chalet, Deep Cove. Mr* H O Woolleti, Mis* M Wateon and Miss P Kelselr. Olympia Avenue, left yesterday en route to Scotland where she will visit friends and relatives. Mc Kay will tall aboard the Empress of France from Montreal on June S. General Pearke* 1* making an informal visit to the dis- trict that d JV Guest* from out of town attend- ing the Woroniecki -Croft* wedding Saturday evening were Mjj^and Mrs.

and Mn Grant Loveseth, Cob- ble Hill; Mr Ted Yankoski. Coulter of Montreal are the baby's paternal grandparents. Mamie, Following the ceremony, Lieut, and Mm Coulter entertained in the anteroom,. the baby's maternal grand- parent*; Capt and Mrs J. W„ At a christening ceremony land on the quarterdeck of H. Ontario last Saturday Afternoon, the 13 -month -old daughter of Lieut.

B.b.i.t foodstuff trading l.l.c

C N , aiul Mrs Coulter, wa* baptized Mamie Alethea, with Chaplain P. Mlaa Doris Borland and Lt.-Cmdr L W B Ootchlng, R N. Drew, who has won many friends lp her travel* aero** Can- ada In recent month*, will speak on national affair* that are of par- ticular importance to women The wfle of Progressive Conser- vative Leader George Drew Is a member of Canada* first family In music She 1* the daughter ol Edward Johnson, noted Canadian tenor and manager of New York’s Met- ropolitan Opeff Co.. She speaks several language* fluently Including Wench and Italian The Drew* have two children. Mias Jessie Jeanne Mc Dowell en- tertained at the tea hour yester- day afternoon at the Empress Hotel in honor of Ml** Orleane Paterson whose marriage takes place next Saturday. Forex day trading rules. at an Informal F'^rua d Amelro* Drew, the Island Half Illustrious and talented wife of the national leader of the ;*rc reaslve Conserve! addressing a Victoria audience at the Royal Victoria Theatre Monday night „ Mrs. Ont , where her father started hi* great career in music, ha* a pleasing, vivacious personal- ity. Owen Robert Jull yesterday afternoon at 8t I John's Church. Earle Reid of Kingston, On- tario, were among the guests at- tending the marriage MU* Thelma Brown to Mr. EL-le Apple- ding Saturday evening the following y(irtl Anna Adamson.

B.b.i.t foodstuff trading l.l.c

Mr* Nessle Brown, Ml sees Pljyln* Murford, Pal Scrivener, Peggy Lo WP - 'Amv H At the Milbum-Tourtellottc weo* ne*», Audrey CHdge. Eliza- Yictonan* attending the wedding of Mias Jean Alexa Mc Lean, to Mr Sidney Caro Vivian at flt. , rrv.m of the Empress Hotel last eve- j h Hpmg ^ , nd . Mrs Colorful and Unpresalve, the cere- [ Mc Curdy stressed the need of *end- luonlr* open with over 60 standard- ing more and more food and clotn- bearers dressed in white marching lng parcel* Uj war-tom countries xlowly down the centre aisle with Mrs Mc Curdy culled on the mem- rtags held high to the strain* of **rs In th U year before the order s Land of Hope and Glory.'" Oolden Jubilee, to expand and „ ... „ _ Initiate new project* "Let our chal- Hls Honor Lieutenont-Oovernor ^ 50f KK) meinbenj Charles A Ranks, who was »ccom- ^ ^ Mlled cach mrmber panted by Mrs. Ufx forex review. To show that of Canada held In the Crystal ball- dfmocracy mpiknfi under8landlng . ptera , uke • royal welcome to the delegate* , to brln R ln one npw mf . Catherine Hamilton, whose ceremonies of ihe National Chapter rlothln * to Britain and Europe, Mrs ^ th e thousands of immigrants who home U In Barrhead, Scotland, will ‘ Mc Curdy stated. spoke again in high praise of the I OD E work and their stand on democracy. EXTRAORDINARY SAVINGS ON TOP QUALITY CLOTHING FOR INFANTS TO TEEWS ANNIVERSARY FOR t WEEK ONLY! and to hold fast to democracy * was ( irue sense of the word-the »clence the leader* of tomorrow, ltr8 Cathertne and Mary _ Mr and given to the Imperial Order Dnugh- 01 government a wr i come to the new province. W Flslier with daughter* mr* or the Empire by Mr Frank ' A practical method to help combat Newfoundland, wa* expressed by the carol and Mary-Ellen. mfn K * of Communism In other president, who also urged tha mem- * • • dentlal addrew at the opening l Bnds wn M by Mndln « food »n d ber* to extend a hand of friendship Mrs. Imperial Order n**jghters of the Empire — May 26 to June 1.