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TASK Trade profitably on a contest forex account by use of currency pairs and any other available trading tools at LiteForex. Trade actively and show the best.FOREX DEMO CONTESTS IN 2018. Everyone loves a good competition especially if it is free and there is an awesome prize to be won. If you are new at forex trading and would like to learn the skill, what best way to get your feet wet than joining a demo forex contest where you can win real money without having to risk your own money?One of them is the forex demo contest or forex demo competition. Forex demo contest is one type of forex competition which involves a demo account. A demo account is not a trading account. You can win the contest without forking out your hard-earned money. It is a great way to learn about forex trading without risking any money.What is the Learn & Earn Contest? The LMFX ‘Learn & Earn’ Contest is a contest only held on demo accounts. There is absolutely no monetary risk involved - only gain! Practise and master your trading skills while competing for real cash prizes every month! Details Length of each round – 1 Month Total Prizes per round – 1,750 USD Trading screen. Forex demo contests are excellent way to earn real money not risking own funds. Many forex brokers offer very interesting demo competitions with high prizes.October, 2018. Round 79 of the OctaFX Champion Demo Contest has finished. Our best wishes to four. Rana Rehan, the Profit Factor winner. 14 Nov, 2018.Demo forex contests tick all the boxes most traders are searching for and are ideal for both experienced and inexperienced traders, whilst live forex contests are perfect for experienced traders who can bring their confidence and skill to the table in what becomes a truly heated challenge!

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The information about competitions are regularly updated. There are competitions that take place on a demo accounts with virtual money. You can win real cash by taking part in free forex contests. Forex Demo Contest and the successful tips you should know when participating in forex demo contest. Contest list is updated daily!All traders can participate in the demo contests that are quite popular among the. InstaForex Great Race 2018 · InstaForex, From 2018-01-22 to 2018-12-21.Leo Prime Services Limited is a Securities Dealer license registered in Seychelles with registration number 8424165-1 and authorised by the Financial Services Authority FSA with licence number SD032.

Forex School"—a free trading contest for demo accounts—ended on January 31. For four weeks, more than 800 participants were actively competing for the prize money of 4,000 USD. So, we have received the results of the contest and present the winners to you Account number 3043893;. Join Money Managers and win from ,000 to ,000.The presents Best forex traders Contests and. Show off your trading skills in our 4-week demo trading contest. 27 Nov, 2019 Tickmill · XM.Forex Demo Contest held among Demo Accounts, same facilities for all participants. Forex Demo Competition is a risk-free way to try your Trading skills and. Trade management system software. Forex Demo Contest and the successful tips you should know when participating in forex demo contest. Contest list is updated daily! Forex Demo Contest and the successful tips you should know when participating in forex demo contest. Contest list is updated daily!Wage a contest on demo accounts and get real prizes. Test your. Contest accounts fully correspond to accounts of real trade. to.Win 0 real money prizes in OctaFX FREE demo contest. or use the browser version; Wait until 13 Jan and start trading on cTrader using a contest account.

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Forex contests 2020 - Participate in latest Forex Demo contests, trade and compete in Demo and win. RoboForex is hosting a new demo contest with a 00 prize fund from November 4th - 29th, 2019. 1st month 18 June - 28 July 2018.Community contests. Live Trader Contest. More fun from trading with minimal restrictions $ 1,500 weekly. Extended validity DEMO account. 2018 Best Forex Bank; 2018 Best Forex ECN/STP Broker; 2017 Best Provider of Liquidity; 2016 Best Trading Platform;The contest will be held as a part of the OneForex educational program. All participants will compete with simulative/demo accounts. No real money. The contest will last one week and will start on 7th of January 2018 at PM GMT. Best cryptocurrency broker. We see that your website lists Demo Competitions from several other Forex Brokers. To that end we would like to inform you that "AHMZ TradeFX" is launching a "Forex Demo Competition" with a Prize Fund of more than 10,000 USD and 300 winners in total. Here is the link for the contest so you can share it with your subscribers and visitors.Weekly Forex trading contests on demo and real accounts sign-up, participate and win no-deposit bonuses and real money.Forex demo trading contest list for 2020 with a advanced winning strategy guide, give 10 minutes to win a competition prize.

One individual may register for each current contest only once.1.9 After the registration form is filled in, a contest demo-account with a unique login number and password will be opened for a participant.These details will be sent to the email-address indicated when registering for the contest.1.10 The registration for a new contest stage is open as soon as the previous contest stage starts.2.1 Type of account: DEMO ECN.2.2 Initial balance: 5000 (the same for all participants).2.3 Leverage: 0.2.4 Risk Stop Out: The maximum drawdown acceptable in a contest account equals 25% of a current balance. للعقاراتبنك ابوظبي التجاري. [[As soon as floating loss exceeds this value, Risk Stop Out will occur and all open positions will be closed.A participant who has allowed Risk Stop Out to happen in his/her account will be disqualified.2.5 Trading tools: any tool provided by Lite Forex2.6 A participant may use trading experts and trading strategies without any restrictions provided that the terms of Lite Forex’s effective Lite Forex’s "Client Agreement" are respected.2.7 All transactions must be closed before the contest finishes.

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Should there be any open transactions at the moment when the context finishes, they will be automatically closed at a current market price.The presence of open transactions at the moment when the contest ends does not entail disqualification.2.8 Other terms of trading on contest demo accounts correspond to the terms of trading on live ECN trading accounts in accordance with Lite Forex’s "Client Agreement".2.9 Lite Forex reserves the right to refuse registration or/and disqualify a participant without providing a reason thereof.The reasons for disqualification can be the following by the end of the contest will be considered as winners of the Lite Forex «BEST OF THE BEST» demo-contest. حجم التبادل التجاري بين تركيا وروسيا. The final results will be formed within 3 working days after the end of the contest, as soon as they are checked by the security and risk-management departments.3.1.1 The participants whose Risk factor has exceeded 5 during the contest period shall be excluded from the contest, and their contest accounts shall no longer be displayed in the ranking.3.2 Only those participants who have been actively trading during the contest period and have increased their initial deposits without breaking the contest rules can be regarded as winners.3.3 The Participants who have gained prize-winning places from the first to the fifth according to the paragraph 3.1 receive money on their Lite Forex live ECN trading account; depending on the place, sums vary as follows: 3.4 In case two contest participants have the same balance value following the results of the demo contest BEST OF THE BEST, the Lite Forex company, as the contest organizer, shall decide between them, giving preference to the participant with the least maximum drawdown shown over the contest period.3.5 The winners on the TOP 5 final list shall:- make sure that their client profiles are fully confirmed according to Lite Forex’s requirements;- open an ECN trading account in the Social Trading system;- send an email from the address specified when registering for the contest to, indicating: the contest name - «BEST OF THE BEST» (demo); contest demo account number and trader’s password; trader’s ECN account number; email address specified when registering a profile.3.6.The winner shall be aware that prize payment requests are accepted only within the first 2 weeks following the end of the contest the account has been participating in.3.7 Lite Forex reserves the right to request any additional information regarding the participant’s identity when crediting a prize.3.8 A participant awarded a prize may not demand that the prize amount be credited to third parties’ accounts.3.9 Prize funds are credited to a client’s real account, opened right after participation in the contest, within three working days after the request has been sent. 3.5)3.10 Prize funds are credited to the Credit column, belong to the Company and are provided to a winner as an initial investment for participating in the Social Trading service as a Trader.Profits made by a winner in his/her trading account by use of prize funds may be withdrawn without any restrictions.

Also, percentages of his/her investors’ profits made from Social Trading may be withdrawn at any moment and without any restrictions too.3.11 As Organizer of the contest, Lite Forex has the right to refuse a prize without giving explanations if there is a suspicion of rules violation or if a winner has refused to verify his/her profile and provide additional information regarding his identity as per p. Under the Program for protection of investors’ interests, the company reserves the right to hide a winner’s real ECN account from the monitoring of the Social Trading platform and deduct prize funds if the winner’s trading by use of prize funds becomes high-risk.If a drawdown has exceeded 25% of a current value «balance credit» when trading by use of prize credit funds, they will be withdrawn by the contest organizer.3.13 Trading by use of prize funds on his/her trader’s account on the Social Trading platform, a winner undertakes to follow a low-risk trading strategy and not to exceed a risk level of 5.3.14 As Organizer of the contest, Lite Forex has the right to amend the contest terms at any time without special notification.3.15 Lite Forex reserves the right to use the information related to the winning accounts for advertising purposes and publish it in any sources of information. Lcg forex uae. The winners are invited to participate in Lite Forex’s advertising and marketing actions such as interviews, photo- and video-reports, and press releases concerning the contest.At the same time Lite Forex commits itself not to divulge the winner’s private information (including name and surname) without the winner’s consent.Should a winner refuse to participate in these actions, Lite Forex reserves the right to disqualify the winner and award the prize to the participant occupying the next place in the final ranking.

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Profitability is computed using the following formula: P = (Equity - Balance_start) / Balance_start * 100 (%), where: Equity – current account’s equity; Balance_start – initial account’s balance ($5000).Maximal deposit utilization rate is a maximal value of an account’s deposit utilization rate during the contest.Deposit utilization rate is a percentage of an account’s equity used as a margin for opened orders. 2015 nba trade rumors. It’s calculated using the formula : Margin / Equity * 100(%), where: Margin – a deposit amount required to open a position; Equity – a current account’s equity.Maximal relative drawdown shows a percentage of losses in an account.It’s calculated using the formula : Max ((Maximal Peak - Next Minimal Peak) / (Maximal Peak 100) * 100) (%), where: Max — the highest relative drawdown value; Maximal Peak — the upper extremum value corresponding to Max in the profitability chart; Next Minimal Peak — the lower extremum value following Maximal Peak in the profitability chart.

Forex demo contest jan 2018

Example of relative drawdown calculation for the chart above: Let’s estimate the extremums of the profitability chart ("H" for the highest and “L" for the lowest)H1 = 80%, L1= 50%; H2 = 90%, L2 = 35%; H3 = 135%, L3 = 40%; H4= 195%, L4 = 65%.Relative drawdown values are calculated as follows: Percent Draw Down1 = (H1 - L1) / (H1 100) * 100 = (80 - 50) / (80 100) х 100 = 16,67%Percent Draw Down2 = (H2 - L2) / (H2 100) * 100 = (90 - 35) / (90 100) х 100 = 28,95%Percent Draw Down3 = (H3 - L3) / (H3 100) * 100 = (135 - 40) / (135 100) х 100 = 40,43%Percent Draw Down4 = (H4 - L4) / (H4 100) * 100 = (195 - 65) / (195 100) х 100 = 44,07%Max Relative Drawdown = 44,07%Leverage is a ratio between the deposit and borrowed funds.Credit leverage 0 means that you need to have in your trading account an amount which is 400 times less than the one required to open an order. Risk ratio depends on the trading history and is calculated automatically based on the following parameters (weight factor is indicated for each parameter): Each of the parameters above has its own scale from 1 to 10 points and its own weight in the final risk estimation.The total Risk ratio is measured in values rounded to the nearest whole number.Thus, the total Risk ratio is determined by summing up points for each parameter multiplied by its own weight factor.