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The copying of trading orders is perceived by many beginners as a chance to make an easy profit. Is it really the case? Let's take a look in more detail at this new.Jul 4, 2019 - 1 Star as Paul Please don't make the mistake I did and trust Copy Trade Profit CTP or FX Prosperity run by the same guy William Jones. You will lose all of your money if you do. Share HelpfulIs CopyTradeProfitFX a Good Forex and Binary Signals Provider? Read Real Reviews, By Traders, For Traders™ Add Your Rating to the Largest Forex Review.Conventionally, in a copy trading platform, users have access to expert. traders using a copy trading platform ensures success and profit. Titans trade. Our site intends to provide you with the smart ways to make money on the side.Firstly, in case you haven’t read Three Clever Ways To Diversify Your Income For A Rainy Day, suggest you do so because it explains the whole background & rationale behind why you need Extra Income from Passive Financial Trading.Anyhow, let me quote a point as follows; Assuming you have daily job, thus extra income should come from side earning (otherwise it can’t be an Extra income).It should not negatively affect your main-stream work.

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Whatever you do it will be competing for your time, attention and resources.We have only 24 hours a day, therefore it’s wise to earn from the task of which nature should be either 100% Passive or Semi-passive.Yes, we have limited thus making the best use of the Expert’s Expertise is the most logical & smartest way to earn extra money while minimizing the risk & saving time. Trade Copy ProfitThey can invest money and make a profit by copying top performers. If the CopyTrade app is now at your fingertips, you are on the right track.This is the lure of financial trading for profit. With “copy trading” – which enables you to mimic the investment moves of the “professionals”.

Given the zero-sum game in Forex Trading, using such experts as the winners will massively increase your chance of making profits even if you don’t know anything about the trading & markets.Now, let me start listing and explaining 5 simple facts, which you should know before investing in copy trading and may facilitate you to start it accordingly; Firstly, in case you’re not familiar with Social Trading or Copy Trading, please take a look at Three Practical & Safe Ways To Succeed In Passive Forex Trading; But very briefly, Social trading companies allow investors to automatically follow the trades from traders they believe to be profitable via copy trading software, of which process is called “” i.e. In the copy trading, you do not need to make any input at all on all trades but the professional trader who you copy makes every single decision and you basically get the identical returns on the trade as the traders does on their personal account.Therefore, Copy Trading (or Social Trading) is one of the easiest way to utilize the expert’s knowledge & skill in various financial trading including Forex. Dubai forex traders quora. Copy trade profit is another free binary options trading software. The people behind this software tell us that the invitation form closes in 30 minutes and that there are only 45 remaining copies available before it’s gone for good.The big attraction of “social trading” or “copy trading” for most people is the. If you don't monitor them and take your profits you'll likely lose in the long run.You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Copy-trading services imply additional risks to your investments due to nature of such products. If the risks involved seem unclear to you, please apply to an outside specialist for an independent advice.

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There is very little data on the size of social trading.A study conducted on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Finance* suggests that EUR190m was transacted on social trading platforms in Germany in 2015. There are at least 14 social trading platforms in Germany alone.The three market leaders in Germany are Wikifolio, e Toro and ayondo. Cfd platform. When you copytrade, you're choosing to automatically copy the trades of another. One trader might make 60% profit in a year, another 30% profit in a year.Copy trading is a method where you can make money from FOREX without any background knowledge of FOREX. You just copy already successful FOREX traders.Copy trading can be a very lucrative method of trading that presents various benefits and advantages over traditional methods of trading. After all, it has become very popular and is so easy that even inexperienced traders can profit by copying certain traders.

It clearly indicates Social Trading / Copy Trading is an essential tool for modern investors.The below infographic (100M Positions) gives you a snapshot of e Toro, the market leader of copy trading. The remarkable point is that e Toro celebrated 50M trading positions in the previous year, means they doubled trading positions less than a year, huge growth.As long as we see from e Toro Income Statement; etoro income statement Revenue shows sky rocket from 416k in 2015 to 2.1m in 2017, that proves continuous rapid growth of customer base. [[Geographically, in 2014, majority of the trading came from Europe & Asia and North America contributed only 10% due to the e Toro’s limited trading license.However, in 2018 e Toro opened its doors to the US market, yes, copy trading USA via e Toro started and a gradual rollout among the states is planned (see e Toro Explanation), which again enabled them to achieve massive revenue growth to 8m in 2018.All the above numbers prove the Copy Trading System has caught on with the implication that it’s working.

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There are several academic & business research or key comments from influential conference related with Copy Trading, some of them are; All these results show positive outcome related to the Social Trading influences.For the 1st MIT study, we will elaborate on it a bit in the next section.Regarding the 2nd disruptor comment, let me quote UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) view as follows; As usual, there has been a lot of disputes raised by traditional financial advisers regarding the legality of copy trading, at least UK FCA consider it legit. Shares trading at 52 week low. Related to the above MIT study, MIT Professor Alex Sandy Pentland said in the Deloitte Interview that “ (refer to the table below) You can see that people fall along a continuum.One group of investors works in almost total isolation: Its members follow few other traders and come up with most investment ideas on their own.At the other end of this spectrum lies a group of hyper-connected traders who follow (and are followed by) many others, and social learning guides a lot of their strategies.

Many of the investors using e Toro fall somewhere in the middle—they engage in a moderate level of social learning but behave with a degree of independence that makes it clear that they’re not just following the herd.“What pattern of exploration and social learning produced the best outcome?We discovered the answer when we plotted the return on investment each trader got against the diversity of ideas he or she harvested through social learning. An analysis of the results reveals that the effect of social learning is enormous.The traders who had the right balance and diversity of ideas in their network—meaning that their social learning was neither too sparse nor too dense—had a return on investment that was 30% higher than the returns of both the isolated traders and those in the herd.In this digital trading environment, the sweet spot resides between the two extremes.

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This intermediate zone is where social learning—that is, copying successful people—yields real rewards.And though this study looked only at financial decision making, we believe the principle holds true for all kinds of decisions.” So, at least academic research confirmed that Copy Trading works.As said before, in this industry, there are very little numerical data to conclude which platform is the best based on the numbers. Forex factory economic calendar. However, let me share aforementioned Phillip Capital’s same research data about ayond business in Aug 2018, I’ll share their data & charts as below; Regarding the industry competition, it says; In the self-directed business, there will be the traditional competitors such as FXCM, CMC Markets, IG and Saxo Bank.In social trading, there are many other platforms in the marketplace.The two most prominent competitor to ayondo will be e Toro and Zulu Trade.

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E Toro started in 2007 and is reportedly planning for an IPO.It has raised a total of $162mn and now valued at $800mn.In a series E funding in Mar18, e Toro raised US$100mn from China Minsheng Financial, SBI Group and Korea Investment Partners. In 2017, Zulu Trade was acquired by China-based Formax Group who also purchased Dayo, the company holding the patents used by Zulu Trade. افكار تسويقيه بسيطه. Zulu Trade was similarly started in 2007 and focuses on U. The comparison of key features among Social Trading Platforms shows below, which may help you decide which platform best suits you; From diversification point of view, you may consider having a few platforms rather than focusing on single platform. Here is how you can start your copy trading, importantly, don’t put your hard-earned money from the beginning, but start up with demo account Risk-Free.Some of the popular copy trading site said 67% of the copy trader lost, because of very common reasons such as Poor Risk Management / No Diversification / No Patience / No Effort / Unrealistic Expectations. Although they all broadly work along the same lines, there still differences shown in the above comparison table.You may want to carefully review key elements though, for newbies, given the established reputation, starting with e Toro or Zulu Trade must be the safest approach if your residence is allowed to open their account.