Get in touch with IMAGO TRADING L. L. C Dubai. Phone +971-4-2290850, LocationImago Trading LLC had joined these categories Baby Products Bath and Body Hair Care Oral Care Perfumes and Cosmetics Personal Care Skin Care See More. Similar Top Rated Members. CO-RE-NA ECZA DEPOSU DIS TICARET AS CORENA OEWER TRADE SL. COSMO-TRADE CVOA. EKINOKS MEDIKAL DIS TICARET LTD STI. REALIZAR CO.Imago Manufacturing is a modern, precision CNC machining company located in Northern Illinois. Serving a variety of North American.Editorial Reviews. Review. This conclusion to the Xenogenesis series Dawn and. 2012; Publication Date July 24, 2012; Sold by Amazon. com Services LLC; Language English; ASIN B008HALNJW. Pass it on, trade it in, Forex islamic design. Series 500 models represent the best Sensitive Imago equipment. Gradation of model range 500 consists of well-proven Sensitiv Imago 520, Sensitiv Imago 500, Sensitiv Imago 530 and a new model Sensitiv Imago 535. Device is assembled in close cooperation with experts from Germany.The equipment has passed all the necessary certification procedures of the EU and FDA, and now fully meets the requirements for the devices that employ a biofeedback method of a human body diagnosis.It has all the necessary certificates and authorization documents.Each device, delivered to a customer, regardless of a model and importing country, passes a ten-day test in a special laboratory AFK System, which allows to exclude low efficiency of the equipment and its systems.

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This model also has a liquid crystal display, built into the device case, to show the operator confidential and priviledged information.You can request for quotation on the Contacts page.By Praha Alfa-Med Prague LLC, the Exclusive European Producer of Sensitiv Imago OUR BRAND-NEW QUANTUM BIO-FEEDBACK COMPLEX FOR NATIVE AND REMOTE DIAGNOSTICS AND HEALING. This app provides clear, concise coverage of 375 of the most commonly performed laboratory tests.Organized by body systems and lab panels, and presented in a consistent format with normal findings, indications, test explanation, test results and clinical significance./p This app uses "mini" drug monographs that include generic names, trade names, drug classes, pregnancy risk category, controlled substance schedule and we provide to the full FDA monograph through

Alfa-Med LLC dealer centers. To avoid buying. Alfa-Tech LLC. Addres Russia, Moscow, Shabolovka 34, 3; Website. Europe Trade.The Imago is a single promo card for The Shipwreck Arcana, first released at PAX East 2018. Add even more variety and challenge to your games by adding The.Over 675 “mini” drug monographs that include generic names, trade names. The information is provided by Imago LLC and while we endeavor to keep the. Now you can email that great article you found or just save it to Evernote account.Search Medline, Daily Med and Wikipedia from within our app to instantly access the library of medical information contained in these databases via the Web.Latin and Greek Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words are the building blocks of most medical words, understanding these word parts are essential to comprehensive entry-level knowledge of medical language and terminology.We provide you with enough Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words in our dictionary to give the tools decipher most medical words.

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Managing Director at Marcoso Trading DMCC. Marcoso. Managing Director at Imago trading LLC. Managing Director at GLOBAL TRADE CONNECT FZE.Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Alpen Capital. Managing Director at Imago trading LLC. Managing Director at GLOBAL TRADE CONNECT FZE.Get all reviews, opening hours, directions, phone number, address, offers and more for Imago Trading L. L. C, Shop 5, 6,Deira.Ras, Dubai, 04 2295405 at Iq forex. Sensitiv Imago® AUREOLA is a European Union certified hardware-software complex based on the New-Age GDV principle of the registration of signals from a biological object and forming connections to the biological state, organs and systems, the psycho-emotional state and the physiological resourcefullness of the tested object.The Bio-Photon Holography (upgraded GDV) method is based on the physical effect of glow of various objects in high-tension electromagnetic fields.The image data from the human fingers, processed by the latest computing technologies, allows us to find connections with the general level and the nature of person’s psycho-emotional and physiological activity, assess the state of individual organs and systems and monitor the effect of various stress influences on the body.

Hafeez Ahmed MBA. Managing Director at Marcoso Trading DMCC. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Stemcor Middle. Managing Director at Imago trading LLC.Sensitiv Imago Aureola new-age GDV technology for Diagnostics and. In 2014, Praha Alfa-Med LLC, the owner of the SENSITIV IMAGO® trade mark, initiated.Imago Trading LLC is a Textile Merchants Company in the located in Gawdri Market, Deira, Dubai Agea forex dealer. [[In 2018, the Aureola Hardware-Software Complex represents a combination of over 20 years worth of study, tests and practical results with the latest Hi-Tech advancements brought to you by Praha Alfa-Med LLC.As such, the Bio-Photon Holography (upgraded GDV) method and the Aureola® 100 and 500 complexes have been reliably tested in many areas like psychology, sports, psycho-physiology, military assessments, scientific research and others...This method has been used for many years in medicine, sports and science as a tool for screening assessment, both the patient’s condition and the degree of external and internal influences.

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The method demonstrates high repeatability of results, has a good predictive effect in terms of both short-term and long-term forecasts (diagnoses) and sufficient correlation with real achievements (for example, in sports).Having a 13-year professional experience, company ALFA-MED UKRAINE provides services in supply and application of hardware-software Sensitiv Imago complexes on the world market.HSC Sensitiv Imago – is an advanced equipment for computer diagnostic with frequency-wave imprinting method on the backbone of its work principle. Crypto trading system. The sphere of application of these hardware complexes is rather wide, with its help it becomes possible to solve multiple practical tasks in regard to health diagnostic (more details).Besides distribution of Sensitiv Imago equipment, ALFA-MED UKRAINE company provides advisory services in organizing and promoting such kind of business.The main company’s goal, for the moment, involves identification of potential business partners and providing them with assistance in opening modern therapeutic and diagnostic centers that apply HSC Sensitiv Imago in their work.

The indicator of our successful work is the fact that in more than 13 years we have helped to arrange over 1200 centers.At the present day they all are successfully working and continue developing.Our hardware-software complexes are successfully applied by a number of doctors in CIS countries, Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australia and in many other countries. تجار مخدرات بيتصور قدام البيت الابيض. For everyone interested in cooperation, we conduct a presentation of our equipment online or in live mode in our central office in Kiev, give detailed recommendations and clarifications, inform about planning and setting up of a diagnostic therapeutic center or office.On our website you can find a lot of useful information that will help you to create your own successful business.Advantages of Sensitiv Imago technology compared to electropunctural diagnostics of R.

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Voll According to Voll’s method, information is received by an operator and with measuring devices passively, through active biologically active points (BAP), which indirectly reflect the state of examined organs. Voll: Diagnostics according to Voll’s method is an old-established approach of bioresonance testing of a patient, existing for about half a century.Many doctors and medical center use Voll’s method for patients’ testing.However, for present diagnostics according to Voll’s method already outlived itself and does not meet modern requirements applicable to diagnostic devices. Paypal suppert forex broker. Regarding its constitution, Voll’s device is very simple and bears its resemblance with an amperemetre that measures characteristics of tissue electric impedance in the organism if diagnostic probe-electrodes are connected to particular biologically active points on a human body.All above-mentioned technical limitations of Voll’s device result in the impossibility to inspect an organism and obtain the results reliability of more that 30-40% even for a doctor, which is negligibly small to assure correct disease diagnostics.Besides, the possibilities of Voll’s device in the field of diagnostics and treatment are quite trifling.

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Hardware-software complex Sensitiv Imago refers to the latest, fifth generation of diagnostic devices, which inspection results reliability reaches up to 96%.You can find the information on Sensitive Imago equipment possibilities here.Sensitive Imago device can: HSC Sensitiv Imago has all necessary certificates of Russia, Ukraine, CIS, is certified in Europe and is passing the registration in FDA (see certificates). Besides trading our equipment, we provide a range of additional services that can assist you in opening a successful business. Until January 10, 2020, prices for contractual purchases are reduced by 500 euros.The promotion is valid for: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, India, Pakistan, UAE, Philippines #sensitivimago #sensitiveaudit #alfamed #sale Experts with the Ministry of trade and industry of the Arab Republic of Egypt delivered an opinion that the production of Alfa-Med LLC is compliant with the medical standards endorsed by the ARE #alfamed #sensitiveaudit .